Fifteen Tarot Questions to Ask When You Don’t Have a Question

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Fifteen Tarot Questions to Ask When You Don’t Have a Question

A woman's face is obscured by a rain streaked window. She can't see clearly. Sometimes when we work with the tarot we need something but don't know what. Want to do a tarot reading but don’t know what to ask? Look no further. Here are fifteen tarot questions to ask when you don’t have a question.
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Most tarot readers eventually find themselves in a situation where they want to do a reading but don’t know what to ask. Cruise control is on. Straight road ahead. Blue skies as far as you can see. But for one reason or another, the cards come out. You might have to do a reading as an assignment for a class. Perhaps you’d like to practice. Or you might want to test drive a new deck. Sometimes you know you need something but don’t know what. Situations like these find tarot readers shuffling cards with no intention. You know it doesn’t work to keep asking the same question over and over, even if you try to mix it up a bit. Want to do a tarot reading but don’t know what to ask? Look no further. Here are fifteen tarot questions to ask when you don’t have a question (plus one bonus question!).

Keeping it Real

Sometimes you have a topic that you’ve been asking about, but you’ve gotten off track in your line of inquiry. You don’t want to pursue the same question doggedly, but you don’t know what else to ask. General questions on the theme itself, regardless of whether they produce clear or cloudy outcomes, don’t always tell the whole story. These five questions will help you break your topic down, revealing practical information so you know how to proceed.

  1. How will the next time period (day, week, month, year, etc.) unfold?
  2. Where should I focus my attention/efforts at this time?
  3. What resources will provide me the best support at this time?
  4. What will be the outcome if I take such-and-such an action?
  5. What’s my first step or next step?

Don’t Miss Out

When that nagging feeling comes around that you’re missing something, you might not even know where to begin with a line of questioning. Job’s satisfying, relationship’s fulfilling, life’s happy. Maybe your Spidey-sense says something is about to go down and you’d like a heads-up. On the other hand, maybe you caught a case of wanderlust. You wouldn’t want to admit this to anyone, but is this all there is? You’re ready to grow and wonder what adventure awaits. Delve into these five questions to turn the fog lights on.

  1. What am I missing or overlooking?
  2. What unknown factors are at play?
  3. How can I prepare for the unexpected?
  4. Where am I going?
  5. What can I look forward to?

Connecting with Spirit

Not all questions are mundane in nature, not all about the nuts and bolts of life. When you want to feed your soul, asking a question might seem too prosaic, even worse, irrelevant. And yet, how can you receive the message you know you need? If you’re ready to hear the truth, your cards will take the deep dive with you. These five questions are waiting for the querent who is willing.

  1. What does the Universe need me to know?
  2. What does my soul need to hear?
  3. How can I become more “me”?
  4. What am I ready to let go of?
  5. What am I ready for?

Returning to the Cards

Perhaps the best use of your cards is simply to ask them what to ask. The cards are like your best friend, trusted advisor, and higher self all rolled into one. They are the counselor who knows how to listen and patiently waits for you to ask for help. So ask!

  1. What question do the cards recommend I ask?

Returning to  You

Don’t stop here! Let these fifteen tarot questions (plus one bonus question!) inspire the right question for you.

Use these questions with your favorite spread, or pull two cards only to bottom line it if you need extra focus. If you’re in the market for new spreads, please check out my favorite tarot spreads, or peruse all the spreads I’ve posted on this blog. And check back in next week, when I share two ways to develop a tarot spread when you don’t have a question.

Do you have your own go-to question that you ask when you don’t have a question? Please share it in the comments!


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Joy Vernon

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  1. Great questions! That happens to me some times, reaching for the cards because I sense there is something that is “tapping me on the shoulder” to get my attention but I”m not sure what…this will help for sure. Thanks Joy!

  2. I love this! I’m very new to tarot reading and this was very helpful for getting the ball rolling on what sort of questions to ask 🙂

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