Empyrean Key

An intensive, highly personalized, hands-on system to break through blocks and align with your higher purpose to achieve your goals.

About The Empyrean Key System

The Empyrean Key method integrates the intuitive communication of the tarot with the astrological blueprint of your life purpose to create personalized spiritual practices aimed at evolutionary transformation. The Empyrean Key method has been called “almost indescribable in its effectiveness for soul-exploration.”

The Name "Empyrean Key"

I developed the name Empyrean Key based on the idea of the Empyrean sphere, which was the eleventh and highest heaven in medieval cosmology. This was the highest level of the universe, unmoving, perfect, the realm of pure light, the seat of the Divine. 

The word “key” refers both to a tool for unlocking something previously unavailable, as well as to the Major Arcana of the tarot, which are often called keys. Your Empyrean Key is your unique tool for opening the highest levels of your soul purpose.

Origins of the Empyrean Key System

The Empyrean Key method developed out of my desire to manifest my own soul purpose. After years of study, the tarot had become profoundly useful for me in providing deep insights, but I felt that there was one step further for me to go. I realized I needed to develop a system to translate the insight from tarot into real changes in my life. 

At the same time, I had started studying astrology and was working to discover how to see my own highest potential in my chart. Gazing at my chart, I knew that it didn’t just tell me who I was — it told me who I could be. I just had to unlock its secrets. 

Tarot spoke to me. It was my home, my comfort zone, my most private journal that honestly and compassionately answered the questions I entrusted to it. I could wrap myself in tarot. Astrology challenged me. It was vast and dizzying. It made me yearn. It spoke not personally, but universally. It didn’t fold about me like tarot, it forced me to expand up to it. 

I discovered that by combining the two modalities I could use the tarot as a bridge to cross from the eternal archetypes of astrological mythology to the unique simplicity of my mundane personality. I developed tarot spreads to integrate the personal with the eternal so that I could travel back across that bridge and arrive at the highest expression of my soul purpose. By then crystallizing this shift of perspective into a unique symbol, I could create my own personal tool for transformation.

My vision was to use these symbols as the tools of initiation, planting them like seeds in the subconscious where they could grow, creating the change needed to connect with my highest self.

The Empyrean Way

Your Goals. Inspired by Spirit. Created by You. This program is for creatives and anyone who wants to discover and understand their natural process for Getting Things Done. But the practical depends on the spiritual. This program is ultimately about connecting to Spirit to create yourself.
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The Benefits of the Empyrean Key

The Empyrean Key System is highly adaptable. I’ve used it for myself and others for personal growth, relationship and connection, increasing income, and business development. The Empyrean Key method can also be used to integrate tarot readings — no astrology involved — so that you can make change happen. I’ve developed many practical and quick ways to work the process.

I believe that because the system is so adaptable and personalized that anybody can benefit from it. I would love to share my system with you! You can try out the Empyrean Key method through premium consultations or do-it-yourself classes.

Empyrean Key Transformational Guidance

Empyrean Key Transformational Guidance takes you step by step through the process for developing and implementing your personal symbols of transformation so that you can open yourself to achieving your life goals. We will chose one area of life that you want to transform, such as relationships, family, career, money, or any subject or topic that is of highest importance to you.

In a series of three sessions, under my expert, inspiring, and compassionate guidance, you do your own work to understand yourself by exploring the relevant symbols in your natal chart as expressed through the suggestive art of the tarot cards, a process similar to unraveling the mystery of dreams. 

Following my step-by-step process, you then develop a personalized symbol that you can use prayerfully or playfully to manifest your desired change in your life. 

As our last step, I will perform a spiritual blessing for you, energetically initiating you with the symbol you developed. 

It takes a savvy, creative, and courageous client to perform this difficult but revealing work, so I do not accept all applicants to this program. Please contact me to apply for my next opening.

Empyrean Key Classes

Ongoing classes are available for those who have a little bit of experience already with tarot and astrology.

Discover your soul purpose, the complete realization of the true and perfect you. The astrological natal chart is a blueprint for the highest expression of your life. Learn how to work with—and manifest—this information.

Collaborate between the conscious and unconscious self. Tarot Cards form a bridge whereby our conscious intentions can cross into the unconscious, where the actual work is accomplished.

Connect harmoniously with the natural seasonal flow of the universe. Aligning our work with the movement of the Sun and other planets through the signs assures that we are doing the right work at the right time.

Open a channel to Spirit to spark your unique expression of ultimate unity. Ritual, meditation and energy work are methods used to initiate an enduring connection with Spirit.

Work both in a group and independently. Working in a group allows you to share with and learn from others while participating in the synergistic energy of the whole. Working independently allows you to integrate new ideas with your existing methods and deepen the work you have already accomplished.

The Empyrean Way

Step into the story of Divine Creation and apply it to your own creative process to embody your individual Divine expression.
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