Images of myth form your personal story to help you reach your goals.

About the Tarot

The tarot is a powerful tool that uses beautiful images of myth and story to bring the subconscious to the surface, where we can communicate with it. The cards are laid out in a pattern, called a spread, which creates unique relationships between the cards. These relationships between the tarot archetypes form your personal story, providing guidance in the choices you will make on your path. 

The future is not set in stone; we create our own future every moment of every day by the choices we make, from the smallest daily habit to major decisions involving love, family, career, health and wealth. The tarot can provide insight and advice, even offering specific steps to help you reach your goals

Tarot Readings

Joy’s knowledge, communication and healing speak to your many facets. Joy’s deep and insightful knowledge of tarot is the result of years of metaphysical study in tarot symbolism, tarot history, kabbalah, natural philosophy, mythology and alternative healing. 

Joy complements her comprehensive academic knowledge of the cards with an intuitive and empathic style of communication and powerful energetic healing skills to provide you with a multi-level reading that will speak to many aspects of your self and your life. Joy especially enjoys doing readings that focus on psychological and spiritual growth.

Tarot Classes

Joy teaches a unique style of reading that focuses on learning to understand the metaphoric language of the cards through a close analysis of the unique symbols of the deck that is being studied. Joy likens her teaching methods to learning a language through cultural immersion, rather than memorizing vocabulary in a classroom. 

She says, “Your grammar may not be as precise as a student who spends most of the lesson conjugating verbs, but the personal rewards of being able to communicate in a new way are immense… You will learn to speak with the cards first, and then when you begin to listen to them, you will see that they have so much more to say than the stuttering of memorized phrases.” 

Her hands-on, fun and interactive methods provide students the opportunity to learn to trust their instincts, become confident reading from any deck, practice using patterns in the cards to tell the story of a spread, and ultimately to find their unique voice as a tarot reader.