Astrology reveals who we are, where we’re going, and what we’ll meet along the way.

About Astrology

Astrology meshes the circles and cycles of the heavens with the gears and gyres of your life so you can understand where you are, where you’re going, and what you’ll meet along the way.

I’ve made a decades-long study of esoteric symbolic correspondence systems. While tarot readings start with an image, astrology is an even terser shorthand, built on celestial geometry. But in the hands of a poet, these markers are cue cards for the theme, meter, and tempo of you and all your variations. I take a holistic approach to the chart, weaving together rather than breaking apart.  

Astrology Readings

My astrology readings focus on relationships—the relationships between the disparate parts of your personality. I can immediately see what parts of you find life simple and what parts of you are chomping at the bit to grow, and how these different aspects of your personality can work together so you can align yourself with and manifest the highest expression of who you are.

Astrology Classes

One of the most common ways people learn astrology is through what is called the “cookbook” method. In this method, the astrologer memorizes different recipes for personality. These recipes are composed of pre-established meanings based on particular combinations of astrological elements—this planet in this sign means this, this planet in this house means this, and if you mix the two together you get a fool-proof concoction to serve to every guest. A gourmet astrologer will spice up their interpretation with a pinch of the sign ruler or a soupçon of a transiting planet, and a richer, more complex flavor will develop which generally satisfies even the most discerning guest.

But this method involves memorizing volume after volume of pre-ordained meanings. Sounds like a lot of work to me!

Luckily, there’s another way. I’m calling it Intuitive Astrology. The first time you look at an astrological chart, it’s cloaked with fascinating but taciturn glyphs and the sometimes orderly, sometimes chaotic lines connecting them. The birth chart is a metaphor of all aspects of a person, both what is readily manifest as well as all the secret hidden things about them. And by learning the meanings of a few basic symbols, all of this esoteric knowledge can be yours.

The method I’m teaching isn’t actually intuitive—instead, I’m teaching the structure that underlies intuition. I’ll provide you a firm, reliable, methodical, simple system for understanding the mysteries of the glyphs in the astrological chart. And when the knowledge component is reduced to learning a few common symbols, it frees up your brain to engage in imagination—which is where we find our intuition. 

The word “intuition” means “to look at within.” Not to turn to page 782 of the cookbook, but to take two or three simple symbols and look within your heart and see what they might mean when working together. By paring away at knowledge—the cookbook—and encouraging the inner heart to speak, we achieve an astrological reading that is inspired and inspiring, and we feed the soul, not sate the psychological appetite.