Explore your soul and expand your mind with classes in tarot, astrology, qabalah, meditation, mythology, and esotericism.

Heart of the Dark Woods

One-day Workshop

Live Online Year-Long Program

Next cohort starts in 2024

Learn Tarot by Reading Images

Do Your First Tarot Reading

I offer all the resources you need to perform your first tarot reading. Do detailed, accurate, and soulful readings from day one, using your own words (no tarot meanings or keywords!). My step-by-step tarot interpretation guidelines make it easy! This innovative methodology will spark your creativity. Choose between a free guide or a low-cost online course option with lots of extras.
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Tarot Meditations Mini Course

Tarot Meditations

Regular meditation opens insight and intuition. Adding tarot meditations to our reading practice and tarot study helps balance a knowledge-based approach with insight-based wisdom. The practical result is powerful, inspired, clear, and detailed readings. Includes video tutorial, e-book, and guided meditations.
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Self-Paced Online Classes

Numbers and Tarot

Numbers and Tarot

The Minor Arcana number cards form a forty-step story. From head-in-the-clouds to boots-on-the-ground, every one of the numbered cards pinpoints a specific step. Register now and you’ll always know exactly where you are on your path!

Intuitive Astrology

Intuitive Astrology

This beginning astrology class provides the foundation of intuitive chart reading. Learn the 17 symbols and unlock the vast knowledge of the skies. Tell the story of the stars!

Online Meetup Events and Classes

Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup

The Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup connects all levels of tarot practitioners in the Seattle Metro Area and around the world with online events. We provide a safe and encouraging space to learn, practice, and share the art of tarot for guidance and growth.
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Magician's Tools

The Magician’s Tools offers fun and creative interactive exercises to deepen your understanding of the cards and yourself, while your tarot skills flourish in an environment of on-going support and community. Learn new tarot techniques to move past the dictionary definitions provided by tarot books. Engage in practical, systematic methods for decoding the mysteries of the tarot images and connecting with your intuition. trust your intuition and to read from any illustrated deck. No memorization needed and leave your tarot books at home!

Tarot Court Cards

Court Cards are considered by many tarot readers to be the most difficult cards to read. In this class, we will expand our knowledge of the cards, but then narrow down ways to get the most specific information out of them. Are they people? Aspects of the client? Impersonal forces at play? Clues in the question, spread positions, and surrounding cards help the savvy reader jump straight to the most relevant meaning for these confusing cards. Once that first step is determined, we'll place a slew of interpretive techniques at your beck and call to delineate relationships, compatibility, and courses of action.

Mythology & Tarot

Story and myth weave threads of the eternal into our daily life. They layer texture and color onto our communication. The magic of tarot touches a deeper part of us when we discover the legends of history in the immediacy and relevancy of the now. Focusing on the Major Arcana, we'll trace each tarot image through history, apply esoteric influences such as qabalah and astrology, and place each card into the mono-myth of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. We'll hear the stories of the cards from world mythology, practice guided meditations, and perform mythological tarot spreads! Find today’s truth in their ancient tales.