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If you’ve been following along with my monthly newsletter, you know that I’m in the process of moving from Denver to Seattle. Burien, Washington, to be precise, a suburb immediately south of Seattle. My boyfriend, Hal Weeks, started working for d’Aigle Autoharps & Folk Instruments in Seatac earlier this year making autoharps. We’ve been planning our move for several months. Finally, on the Aries full moon in October, we found an apartment. I came out to sign the lease and live with Hal for the first week in our new place. I would like to share with you some of the tarot techniques I used for finding and settling into our new apartment. If you also are moving, read on for a new home tarot spell and some tarot spreads and approaches to finding and settling into your new living quarters.

Tarot Spreads and Techniques for Choosing a New Home

When we were still exploring different apartments, I didn’t use a spread so much as I pulled cards on particular questions I had. Here are examples of the types of questions I used, although of course you’ll want to come up with your own that address what’s important to you. You can pull one to three cards per question, depending on what you need to get the degree of detail you want. Use the results of your draws to guide you in asking questions of your potential landlord and researching the area.

  1. How will I like the location of my new home?
  2. What degree of ease of transportation will this location provide? (or break it down more specifically: What will my commute be like? How walkable is this area? How easy will it be to run errands?)
  3. To what degree will the size and layout of this new home suit me?
  4. How will the outdoor areas/grounds suit me?
  5. How will my pets/kids/parents/roommates like this home?
  6. To what degree will there be issues of noise pollution? (e.g., dogs, kids, traffic, planes, loud music, neighbors fighting, etc.)
  7. To what degree will there be issues of light pollution? (e.g., car headlights, security lights, city lights, etc.)
  8. How safe is this location?
  9. What will my relationship with the neighbors be like?
  10. How will I get along with the landlord/property manager/maintenance people?
  11. What will I like best about this new home?
  12. What will be my greatest challenge in this new home?

Remember, you can also ask for the wisdom of the tarot regarding what else you need to know about this potential new home.

Tarot Spreads for Settling Into Your New Home

When designing your own new home tarot spreads, sketch out your new home and pull cards for each room.
When designing your own new home tarot spreads, sketch out your new home and pull cards for each room. This is a floor plan of Hal’s and my new apartment, roughly to scale. The rooms are actually larger than indicated; I didn’t understand how the design program worked in terms of wall thickness and such.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect apartment, signed the lease, and taken occupancy, it’s time to converse with your new space. When designing your own new home tarot spreads, sketch out your new home (a rough pencil sketch, not to scale, is all that is necessary) and pull cards for each room. Remember to include such things as your yard, deck, patio, balcony, storage space, attic, basement, outbuildings, and other important areas. If you’re not feeling very artistic, you could probably get away with making a list of the rooms and spaces and pulling cards for each entry on the list. What you ask about each room is up to you, depending on what information you will find useful.

Try out the following questions for starters, and see what new questions occur to you. Develop a set of questions to ask each room or space and pull one to three cards per question.

  1. How can I best use this space?
  2. What do I need to know about this space?
  3. Who will benefit from this space the most?
  4. What energy needs to be cleared from this space?
  5. What energy is best to cultivate in this space?
  6. How can I be the most happy/productive/relaxed/fulfilled/etc. in this space?
  7. What can I do to make this space perfect?

New Home Tarot Spell

Altar set up for our new home tarot spell.
Altar set up for our new home tarot spell.

Hal suggested we do a tarot spell for our new home. When he does tarot spells, Hal likes to keep it simple. He spends time carefully selecting cards, maybe one or two, maybe many more, and narrows it down to just the perfect images to represent his intentions. He places them where he can see them, perhaps on a desk or altar. In our old place, Hal placed some important cards in the gap around the edge of a picture frame hung on the wall in our living room. His ritual is to the point. He spends some time looking at the cards each day.

I like my spells a little more elaborate, but I can certainly appreciate the simple as well. Hal’s ritual reminded me of the ones Janina Renée teaches in her book Tarot Spells. Her spells are layered in a pyramid format, with an overarching theme card at the top and supporting rows that break down the details of the theme. She says an affirmation or other verbal spell over the cards and includes the wave of a magic wand.

For my New Home Tarot Spell, I sorted through the cards of my new Vanessa Tarot that I bought at the local metaphysical store, 3 Silver Broomsticks in Burien. I chose the following cards and spoken intentions.

Joy and Hal’s New Home Tarot Spell Cards

The cards I selected for our new home tarot spell.
The cards I selected for our new home tarot spell. Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd-Jym Narciso, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2007.
  1. 10 of Coins (top center): “A new home among the cedars.” A woman stands in the foreground holding a ring of keys. Behind her is a break of fir trees. On a hill looms a large house.
  2. The Lovers (middle center): “Hal and Joy will be happy together here.” A couple look lovingly at each other, arms linked. Above them an angel flies, holding a bouquet of roses.
  3. Three of Coins (middle left): “We will be creative and productive here.” A woman with a threaded needle and a dressmaker’s tape measure around her neck looks happy with her accomplishment, an evening gown on a mannequin in a store window, blazing with light.
  4. Two of Coins (middle right): “We will have rhythm and music here.” A smiling woman agilely jumps rope double dutch style. I remember the cadence and sing-song rhymes we used to chant when jumping rope. To me, this was the best card to suggest Hal’s music.
  5. Magician (bottom far left): “We love the homey feeling of cooking and baking here.” A woman in the kitchen holds a tray of tarot cookies — a wand, cup, sword, and disk.
  6. Four of Wands (bottom center left): “We love the creative alchemy of making wine, herbal remedies, soap, candles, and all such kitchen chemistry here.” One woman holds a bunch of grapes while another stamps the grapes in a vat in a vineyard under a pink sun in a purple sky.
  7. Four of Swords (bottom center right): “We love to cozily relax in front of the fireplace here.” A woman dozes in an armchair in front of the fireplace.
  8. The Hermit (bottom far right): “We love to explore — the land, ideas, and metaphysics — both what is local and foreign here.” A foreign-dressed woman holds a small hurricane lamp which radiates light in all directions. Behind her on one side is a framed photo of a mosque. On her other side is a tall bookcase full of books.

Instructions for New Home Tarot Spell

Set up an altar on a small table or clear spot on a shelf. I used a folding TV tray table. I put a cloth on it. Keep in mind that we haven’t actually moved yet, so most of my supplies are in Denver. I used a scarf that has a map printed on it, and a large compass rose right in the center. I placed the cards on top of the compass rose. The candle I used was green because that was the only one I had.

When Hal gets home, we will anoint the candle with essential oil and an appropriate intention, then light it. I’ll give Hal a chance to make substitutions for the cards to best suit his intentions. Together we will lay out each card, saying the phrase that goes with it and gazing gently at it to see us in the situations indicated and enjoying our new home together. We’ll leave the cards out until we move the cat out here.


I hope you enjoy these tarot techniques, spreads, and spell for finding and creating your perfect new home! If you use any of them, please let me know how it goes in the comments!

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