Top Ten Reasons to Book An Intuitive Tarot or Astrology reading

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Answers, Affirmation, Connection: The Benefits of Getting a Reading

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Everybody has questions about their life. The top three questions I hear as an intuitive reader are about career, love, and money. Does that mean I end up saying the same thing to people day in and day out? Never! Every answer is as unique as the person sitting in front of me. But more importantly, what each individual needs from the reading is highly specific. That’s what’s great about a session with an intuitive reader. You’ve already read the books and blogs with their one-size-fits-all answers to your particular conundrum. Now you need an answer that perfectly addresses all the variables that make up your one-of-a-kind storyline. So what exactly can you expect from an intuitive tarot or astrology reading? Here are the top ten perks of booking a reading — answers, yes, but so much more!

For each of these top ten reasons to get a reading, I share a quote from one of my online reviews, so you can get a feel for other people’s experiences working with me. See all my reviews on my Google business profile or read testimonials that clients have provided directly to me.


If you’re a reader establishing a new business, one of the best ways to grow is to start collecting reviews and testimonials. If you head on over to this old post from 2015, I’ll share some tips to help you!

Here are the Top Ten Reasons To Book An Intuitive Tarot Or Astrology Reading:

  1. Answers
  2. Clarity and Understanding
  3. Insight
  4. Compassion
  5. 360 Degree View
  6. Affirmation
  7. Reduced Anxiety
  8. Food for Thought
  9. Uniquely Personal
  10. It’s Like Connecting with an Old Friend

1. Find Your Answers

“She explains the cards in such a fun, practical way and took the time to make sure my questions were clearly answered.”

Yes, first and foremost people come to me for answers. As readers, we are taught that the key to a clear answer is a clear question. I enjoy helping you narrow down just the right question and then making sure we get all the way through to the answer, even if things are complicated or the cards are being tricky.

2. Shift into Clarity and Understanding

“I have a better understanding where I am at the moment and what to look for coming up this year.”

The symbolic language of tarot and astrology can be poetic and inspiring, but often obtuse and opaque. It’s a very special reader who can translate those symbols into practical advice. Some readings leave you with a general sense of reassurance. The best readings give you the clarity and understanding you need so you know what to do next.

3. Receive Insight

“My appointment with Joy was certainly filled with some very poignant insights, which she offered.”

But deeper than understanding is insight. Understanding puts the puzzle pieces together. Insight is the picture that we see. A good reading doesn’t just give you the facts and figures of what’s going on, but unfolds the deeper whys and wherefores. In many ways, I think insight is the most important reason to get an intuitive reading. But even as powerful as this revelation is, with many readers there is still more.

4. Feel Compassion

“Joy’s energy as a reader is compassionate and light-hearted, but she isn’t afraid to dive into the depths either.”

Compassion is not an everyday feeling. A reading is a very personal experience. As a rule, my reading style is motivational and inspirational. I love an upbeat reading that energizes you with confidence. But in order to get there, we often need to wade through the muddy waters of a current or even past situation. All good readers will hold space for you to do this work. But the best readers seem to be able to walk with you, no fear, no judgment, but adding their energy to yours to help you process, heal and evolve. Their compassion lights your way.

I’d like to share a second quote for this one. This is from a client from 2006:

“You provided me with some confirmation and insights that were very helpful. A lot of people can read cards. Not nearly as many can read into someone’s heart (energy) with the level of sensitivity and compassion you have.”

5. See A 360 Degree View of Your Situation With An Intuitive Tarot or Astrology Reading

“It felt as though she had a perfect, 360 degree view of me and my situation”

Perspective is one of the very best advantages you get from an intuitive reading. But while any reader can give you answers to immediate questions, only select readers have a field of vision wide enough to step back and see the whole picture. I compare it to climbing a mountain — once at the top, you can clearly see your destination and what terrain lies ahead of you. You still have to climb back down and actually walk the path, but having the vision in your mind is immensely valuable.

Find Your Way

Joy Vernon Astrology * Tarot * Reiki can guide you when you’re lost, teach you to always find the path, and inspire you to go further than you ever thought you could.

6. Experience Support and Affirmation

“I left feeling positive about the experience and affirmed on my direction for future aspirations.”

One of the most common experiences of getting a reading is hearing your own thoughts spoken to you by a stranger. This is one of most empowering and affirming experiences you can have. Your friends and family want to help you, but they also tend to think they know what’s best for you. They often are too afraid to support your unique journey through life. Sometimes all a reading does is tell you what you already know, confirming that you are doing the right thing and on the right track. But what a relief it is to hear your own plans outlined for you from a neutral third party.

7. Reduce Your Anxiety

“I have a lot of things up in the air and Joy was a huge help. This reading reduced my anxiety a lot.”

Among the top things I hear people say after a reading is that they feel better. They specifically mention how it relieves worry and anxiety. There’s no need to second guess yourself. An intuitive reading is calming, healing, and restores your confidence.

7. Food for Thought

“I had all my questions answered and was given food for thought.”

Answers are only the beginning. And affirmation is only one side of the coin. Powerful readings are thick and chewy, nourishing you now and staying with you for the long haul. Many people continue to spend time with their reading long after it’s over. They might talk with their friends about it, journal through things it brought up, meditate on it, review the recording, take notes, or just watch how it unfolds over time. A good reading stays with you for years, providing a touchstone not just for your decisions now, but offering relevant guidance long into the future.

9. Uniquely Personal

“Joy’s descriptions and interpretations of my astrological birth chart and tarot readings were so bang on, I felt as though she was reading out of my personal diary.”

Getting an intuitive tarot or astrology reading is like having a best friend, spiritual advisor, and therapist rolled into one. These people inspire you with trust through their professionalism and confidentiality. A good intuitive reader offers these benefits, but never feels like a stranger. They will always meet you right where you’re at, without needing a lot of catch up. And somehow they manage to advise you like your own future self would advise you. This deeply personal connection is profoundly supportive because when it happens, the reader is connecting to you energetically and speaking from Spirit.

10. Getting an Intuitive Tarot or Astrology Reading Is Like Connecting with an Old Friend

“Working with Joy was like reconnecting with an old friend.”

This makes me laugh because my normal personality is not necessarily what comes through when I do a reading. But yes, many people feel like they are instantly friends with me. Some people are easy to talk to and know exactly what to say. When this personality trait is combined with the training and experience of a professional reader, an astonishing connection arises. Ultimately, it’s not the reader who is your friend, it’s your own inner self, spiritual guides, and innate wisdom being reflected back to you from a professional intuitive reader.

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Joy Vernon

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