The five tattwas: Akasha (spirit), Tejas (fire), Apas (water), Vayu (air), and Prithivi (earth), and the corresponding Major Arcana cards.

The Voice of Silence Meditation on the Cube of Space

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Hear the Voice of Silence

The Cube of Space is a three-dimensional tarot tableau, a specific arrangement of the cards. Contemplation of this model reveals great insight into the tarot. But more than that, the Cube of Space is a metaphor for creation. As such, meditating on its symbolism unveils the mysteries of creation — and of the creative process. Although you can study the Cube of Space through the writings of Paul Foster Case, David Allen Hulse, and Kevin Townley, the true import of this symbol opens more fully to the honest exploration of a dedicated seeker. Accordingly, in his book, “Meditations on the Cube of Space,” authority Kevin Townley teaches a series of meditative practices. Today we’ll consider the Voice of Silence Meditation from Chapter 1 of his book. Watch the guided video meditation at the end of this post.

Townley’s premise is that the Cube of Space defines a set of limits placed on the chaos of all-potential. These boundaries focus the seeker’s intention. We then plant the seeds of our goals in this container. As a result, our objectives can grow in a safe and protected vessel. We use the container to mold our intentions from the gelatinous goo of the psychic realm.

In this early meditation, the second in the book, we establish the symbolism of the center of the Cube. We then extend the axes of height, length, and width. Ultimately these axes will intercept the six faces of the Cube. However, instead of advancing outward to the boundaries of the Cube, we trace the axes in reverse order, toward center. Through a series of deft interchanges of symbolism, Townley demonstrates that in the center we hear the voice of silence.

The Symbolism of the Meditation

The Voice of Silence Meditation uses symbolism that includes the five tattwas: Akasha (spirit), Tejas (fire), Apas (water), Vayu (air), and Prithivi (earth), and the corresponding Major Arcana cards.

The guided video meditation incorporates a series of symbols used extensively in modern esoteric tarot. These symbols include:

  • ancient Hindu shapes for the elements called tattwas
  • the rich symbolism of the Hebrew letters
  • dimensions of the Cube of Space as outlined in the Sepher Yetzirah
  • select Major Arcana cards from the tarot
  • color symbolism established by the 19th century mystical community, the Golden Dawn
  • musical pitches as they relate to color, established by Edward Maryon and applied to tarot by Paul Foster Case

You can use this meditation to clear the path to your own inner center point. Once established, listen for the voice of silence. You can ask questions of or request guidance from this expression of Spirit. If you have an intention or goal, you can plant it here at the still center point. Or take this moment of tight focus within the spiritual realms to recognize what you want.

Return to Center

The Cube is created from the center outward. It starts at the center with the letter tav, the World card. It then extends via the three axes represented by the three mother letters: aleph, mem, and shin. Aleph is the Fool, extending from center up and from center down (bright pale yellow axis). This links above and below, or self-consciousness and sub-consciousness. Mem is the Hanged Man, reaching to the east and to the west (deep blue axis). Think of the east as a seed, while the west is the mature fruit. Shin is Judgment, stretching to the north and to the south (orange scarlet axis), the darkness of midnight to the light of noon.

By meditating on the three mother letters in reverse order, shin (Judgment) to mem (Hanged Man) to aleph (Fool), we return to center. It is here that the first whirlings of creation reside. Here we listen for the voice of silence.

The Voice of Silence Meditation: A Guided Video Meditation

To make this complex meditation available to a wider audience, I have created this video to guide you through the symbolism. As with all meditations, practicing the visualizations on your own without the video produces the best results. However, the extensive, varied, and complex symbolism produces a steep learning curve. For best results, I suggest you watch it until you become thoroughly familiar with the symbolism, then practice it on your own.

Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

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