Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads

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Drowned in Sleep: Tarot Spreads for Exploring the Unconscious Side of Creativity

Once Upon A Time by Ann Macbeth, Studio Magazine Vol 24 (1902).

Tomorrow, April 12, 2022, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction goes exact in the sign of Pisces. This past Saturday, in the “Drowned in Sleep” presentation for the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup, we contemplated the astrological and mythological symbolism of the transit. To work further with the ideas, I developed a series of tarot spreads to supplement the workshop. You can use the “Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads” to deepen your understanding of the class content. The spreads let you continue your study of the themes while ultimately applying what you learn to your own life.

Scroll down to find the free downloadable Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads.

You will find the video for this workshop at the end of this post.

How to Use the Spreads

You are welcome to play with the spreads on their own. In fact, they’ll probably work great, as most spreads do, even if you’re not familiar with the source material. That said, I think you will get the most out of them if you watch the video first. I designed the spreads as ways to further explore the themes from the class.

Some of these spreads assume that you are asking a question or focusing on a topic, some don’t. Because the main theme of the presentation was creativity, I would suggest you focus on questions around a creative endeavor or project. However, all acts of creation (building, making, growing, crafting, art, etc.) help us to create ourselves. And beyond that, they connect us with the Divine Creator. So these are potential topics for your spreads as well. Each spread will guide you with its unique symbols. In fact, one of the spreads instead focuses on your relationship to creativity.

Each spread uses a unique set of symbols as spread positions. I then offer questions you can use to open up the topic. Each spread position has a subset of one to four questions. I offer the questions only as suggestions to guide you in deciding what the spread position means to you. You can stick to the tracks I laid down or go off-road as you prefer. To use my questions, pick your favorite in each category and pull a card. Or, you can draw for every question, expanding the proposed four card spreads into layouts of eight to twelve cards or more.

There’s also a create your own spread option. You can use it to apply your self-designed set of symbols from the presentation or related to the transit.

Free Downloadable! Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads

The download is completely no-strings attached. It makes my day when I can provide a really cool, useful, and educational tool for you! I hope these spreads make your day too. If you think you’d like more tarot, astrology, or meditation themed free workshops, articles, and handouts, you can say “please and thank you!” by joining my email newsletter list.

One of five Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads. This spread pulls from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale to create the spread positions.
Click the image to open a downloadable pdf of the five Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads.

You can open a pdf of the spreads by clicking the image above. Or, click here: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Tarot Spreads.

You can also open a downloadable copy of the “Drowned in Sleep: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces” slide deck as well. (The slide deck includes the spreads toward the end.)

Drowned in Sleep: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Video Workshop

This is the edited video of the Jupiter conjunct Neptune workshop for the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup, April 9, 2022. We explore the astrological symbolism and compare the Jupiter-Neptune synodic cycle to that of the Moon and Sun. Then I share a version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale called “Sun, Moon, and Talia.” We consider the story as a metaphor as well as an instruction manual for the transit. Afterward, I share my thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of the transit, focusing on illusion and intuition. We discuss the previous iterations of this cycle in history to project upcoming themes for our current times. And in conclusion I share the tarot spreads.

Dream a Little Dream of You

Steep a cup of Sleepytime, let your dreamiest deck find you, and see what your subconscious has to say. I’d love to hear how the spreads work for you! Please share your insights in the comments!

Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

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