Summer Sun and Fun: Junk Mail Tarot

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Transform Third-class Trash Into First-Rate Tarot Art

Today’s assignment for the Tarot Blog Hop is to create a tarot card or two or three from your junk mail! As the wrangler, my suggestion was to stick to what comes through the mail slot, although you’ll see later on that for one card I had to break that rule and why. Other than that, the sky’s the limit in terms of how your junk mail turns into a tarot card. You could find a stand-alone image, collage it, or use whatever artistic skills and tools you have to transform third class trash into first rate tarot art. I lucked out with several seasonal ads that punched up the sun and fun of summer! First, a preschool flyer made a perfect Ten of Cups. Then I found an ice cream themed Two of Cups from a credit union postcard. Finally, I created an energizing Sun card from the cover of a Llewellyn catalog. Check out my cards below, then hop on to see what Jay and Raine created!


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Ten of Cups

A newsletter from the next town over presented an ad for preschool enrollment. The radiant family shone brightly in an otherwise dreary pile of that day’s drivel. Fun, colorful, and creative, I couldn’t help but smile with the rainbow family in Penciltown. I liked having the family as the rainbow, but I was afraid that without any cups it would be harder to recognize the intended card. I tried plopping in product images from various ads for tea sets or colorful, plastic, kids drinking glasses, but they didn’t fit well into the composition. Stealing the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) rainbow and cups solved all my problems and I love how it turned out!

The Ten of Cups indicates happiness, success, emotional fulfillment, and close family ties. The rainbow provides hope for the future. It also suggests that past difficulties are over. The beaming faces in family, clouds, and sun align with the card’s sentiments. I added the “Now Enrolling” banner to incorporate the ad’s intention with the card symbolism. To me it says, “Now enrolling in happiness, connection, and creativity.”

Two of Cups

A direct mail postcard from a credit union I don’t bank with served up the idea for a soft-serve Two of Cups. Unfortunately, try as I might, I could not get the landscape orientation to fit without cutting out one of the two people! I followed the spirit if not the letter of my rule about using what came through the mail slot by finding an image from a website for the San Marco Dreamette ice cream shop. I like it better because the two people are connecting with each other, not just with the ice cream.

The credit union photo, while happy and carefree, is probably trying to reinforce the idea of connecting with the environment or community — he is looking out over the railing at whatever lies beyond. This fits with the credit union ideal of banking locally and looking to the future. But on the other hand, she’s focused on the cone. Overall, the image falls flat without a clear intent. However, the photographer for the Dreamette is top notch, and their website is full of gorgeous photos of people having fun with each other while they share ice cream.

The Two of Cups is titled Love and represents intuitive connection, emotional partnership, and abiding affection. The original credit union ad states, “Sound has everything you’re looking for.” Even though the ad itself did not have everything I was looking for, the suggestion is a sound one. The just-right fit, mutual support, knowing you can grow together, and long-term commitment are all equally relevant to your relationship with your bank as well as your mate. And the ice cream sweetens the deal with ease and pleasure.

The Sun

It feels like a cheat to steal tarot distributor Llewellyn’s cover of their bimonthly magazine. But the image is not a tarot card. It is, however, created with a knowledge of symbolism. A perfect summer shot!

The red sneakers capture the fiery activity of the heat, excitement, and adventure of the summer months. The chamomile flowers, under the rulership of the Sun, promote relaxation and health (see all its benefits here). Chamomile blooms from late July into September, so the height and heat of summer is its time to shine. The issue title, “Take a Vacation for Empowerment & Inspiration,” beautifully contrasts the relaxing and energizing qualities of the summer Sun. A long walk on a pleasant, sunny day does indeed pump you up, and puts you in the mood for an afternoon nap later on!

I’m intrigued by the placement of the flowers in the shoes. Is someone folicking barefoot in this meadow after having wildcrafted this herb? Or have these shoes retired their brash and bold ways, serving now as a planter for more reserved herbal teas? I suppose it depends on whether you take advantage of the summer to explore or relax!

The Sun card represents success, truth, and letting your light shine. As a symbol, Sol indicates reason, logic, self-consciousness, reliable routines, and the clear light and sight of day. Some solar deities are associated with music, poetry, and prophecy as well. Pick a warm, bright day this week to honor the Sun and toast him with some chamomile tea (iced of course!). See what he advises you in terms of your balance between activity and rest.

Advance to the Next Stop on the Junk Mail Junket!

I hope you enjoyed our fun- and sun-filled junk mail tarot! Hop on to see what the other bloggers in our summer circle have produced for you.


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Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

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  1. This is brilliant Joy, amazingly creative and apt, you get the best junk mail, whereas I end up with furniture, money off, and updates to the ToC. Mind you it did give me some ideas lol.

  2. Joy,
    This was absolutely amazing. All your images were beautiful and I love the addition of the cups and rainbow to the ten of cups image. It fits in perfectly!


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