The Moon through the Signs

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Moon and mist

Understanding the Moon through the signs lets you take charge of your moods. The Moon represents our inner, private self, emotions, and our soul. The Moon is intuitive, empathic, caring, and moody. The Moon is the fastest of the astrological planets, moving through the zodiac in 28 days, and that speed is reflected in our quickly changing emotions and moods. The Moon enters a new sign every 2 1/2 days, and if you start to notice these changes, you might be able to track your moods better. And when you understand your moods, you can work with them constructively and take advantage of the variety of experiences they offer you throughout the month.

You can use the information presented here to understand how you might be feeling when the Moon is in each sign, and what some appropriate activities might be to align you with the Moon’s energy if you’re feeling out of balance. The Moon through the signs doesn’t tell us how we are all the time or at our most essential, but instead it shows us how our moods and emotions change every couple of days.

Moon in Aries

Aries is Cardinal Fire

Bold, impulsive, energetic, enthusiastic, argumentative, stressful.

Ready to make a fresh start or try something you’ve never done. Feel like you should protect or defend your feelings. Good for physical activity.

Feeling angry or stressed? Try working out, playing sports, getting physical activity.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus is Fixed Earth

Solid, sensual, serene, secure, stubborn, enjoys luxury.

Wants to relax and be comfortable, tends to resist change. Enjoys the company of friends for a relaxed, pleasant meal and good music. Good for taking care of money, making investments, or making purchases of long-lasting items.

Feeling stubborn or stuck or like there’s too much change? Try having a cup of tea, listening to music, or visiting an art gallery.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini is Mutable Air

Communicative, clever, curious, social, light-hearted, restless.

In the mood to learn something new, watch Jeopardy, or do word games or riddles.  Likes variety and doesn’t spend too much time on any one thing. Good for reading; connecting via letters, emails, phone calls; writing or journaling; learning something; running errands; and multi-tasking.

Feeling scattered or restless? Try calling a friend or learning how to do something. Make something, do crafts, knit, sew, or build something.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is Cardinal Water

Nurturing, quiet, healing, sympathetic, family-focused, homebody.

Likes to feel safe and cocooned—wrapped in a comforter reading a book or watching a movie at home. Feels very emotional and might need comforting. Good for family events, taking care of kids, domestic chores, cooking, nesting.

Feeling sad, too sensitive, or lonely? Try getting together with people who feel like family, cook yourself or others a nice meal, or clean the house.

Moon in Leo

Leo is Fixed Fire

Dramatic, generous, confident, romantic, creative, melodramatic.

Feels best being the center of attention or having the spotlight on their emotions—wants to cry big, love big, give big gifts. Can create or get caught up in emotional drama. Good for romance, creativity, excitement, being recognized and applauded.

Feeling like a drama queen or like you need extra attention? Read a play out loud with friends. Plan an amazing mystery date or a big evening on the town. Start work on your magnum opus.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is Mutable Earth

Discriminating, detail-oriented, practical, organized, analytical, perfectionist.

Gets satisfaction from focused detail work, like bookkeeping, accounting, inventory, and making any kind of spread sheet for any subject or topic. Likes to troubleshoot problems. Can be fussy, enjoying straightening up, organizing, tidying, and placing coasters around the house. Good for work you need a magnifying glass for—watch repair, jewelry making, painting miniatures, making models. Also good for helping others and taking care of your health.

Feeling confused or like everything around you is in chaos? Try balancing your checkbook, planning out a healthy diet for the week, or zooming in on one specific area that needs fixing or cleaning. Start a routine.

Moon in Libra

Libra is Cardinal Air

Relationship-oriented, balanced, cooperative, diplomatic, harmonious, indecisive.

Feeling like you want to share your time, thoughts, and experiences with another. Interested in finding out what others are like and how they think. Enjoys being in beautiful, flowing, harmonious environments. Good for bringing balance and harmony to a situation, or hearing all sides and delivering a fair ruling; values compromise.

Feeling things are unfair or the scales are tipped precariously? Spend time with the person you partner with the best, look at things from both sides without making a judgment, team up with someone to make a change.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is Fixed Water

Passionate, private, sexual, deep, mysterious, manipulative.

Feeling things strongly and deeply, and having no patience for those who appear to be floating across the surface. Can be very intense and very private. Feels the need to understand themselves very deeply, then deconstruct that understanding and transform themselves. Good for research, uncovering secrets, and getting obsessed with the things that fuel our passions.

Feeling backed into a corner, suspicious of others, or brooding and dissatisfied? Try expressing your emotions in journaling or through poetry, music, or art. Find your healthy obsessions and go deep with them. Study psychology. Get rid of things.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is Mutable Fire

Optimistic, adventurous, philosophical, spontaneous, exploratory, excessive.

In the mood to take a class, get an education, or head out on an adventure. Can see the big picture, and likes to philosophize about it—and has the wisdom to discover deep truths. Feeling upbeat and spontaneous. Loves hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, bungee jumping and all the extreme sports. Good for learning, teaching, traveling, publishing your ideas, reading philosophy, having grand conversations.

Feeling the wanderlust or like the world is too small? Take a class, attend a lecture, get in the car and drive and see where you end up. Head up to the mountains. Listen to podcasts or watch webinars. Go to a religious ceremony or explore a new spiritual tradition.

Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth

Businesslike, structured, stoic, dutiful, respectful, strict.

Gets satisfaction from career, goals, and ambitions. Very responsible, organized, diligent, and disciplined. Gets things done. Good for career growth, restructuring, taking the long-term approach, writing business plans, mapping out a step-by-step strategy to reach long-term solutions.

Feeling depressed or like you’re lacking goals or ambition? Write a plan. Design something. Volunteer to lead a committee. Finish something. Do something you know you do well.

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is Fixed Air

Innovative, unusual, rebellious, intellectual, abstract, fanatical.

Loves the new and unusual. Feels a strong need for individuality and freedom. Passionate for humanitarian causes, building community, and fighting for the downtrodden, but emotionally distant in personal relationships. Has a utopian vision and is dedicated to building the foundation for that vision. Good for building community, starting groups, brainstorming, envisioning the way the world should be.

Feeling the need to overthrow the forces in power, or like the world just isn’t fair? Try starting a meetup group, volunteering for a social cause, joining a political rally, or helping someone less fortunate than yourself.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces is Mutable Water

Feels dreamy, intuitive, mystical, and sensitive. We are more likely to become emotionally enmeshed with others when the Moon is in Pisces. We can get lost in daydreams, fantasy novels, or nostalgic longings. We might have an urge to escape through positive things, like meditation, prayer, and spirituality; neutral things like oversleeping, daydreaming, reading or watching movies or TV; or negative things like drugs and alcohol. You can try substituting better ways of escaping for less healthy tendencies, and work your way up to the most positive expressions of this sign.

Feeling lost, overly sensitive, or stuck in a fantasy world? Try meditating or following a spiritual pursuit, taking a psychic development class, engaging your imagination to create fantasy stories or art, or losing yourself in meditative, trance, or ambient music.

What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed our tour though the signs! To apply this information to your life, get a good lunar or astrological calendar, or look up where the Moon is each day online—take especial note of when it moves into a new sign—and mark it on your calendar. (Be sure to note what time zone the information is in so you can adjust it to local time.) Also jot down your moods each day in your journal or right on your calendar. Note how the Moon affects you in each sign. You’ll have stronger reactions to some signs and mild or no response to other signs. Also, you may or may not have moods that reflect how I described each sign above–that’s ok! There are other things in your chart that can affect how the Moon in a particular sign affects you. Just note how you feel each time the Moon changes sign. If you find that the Moon in a certain sign triggers something difficult for you or elicits an unhealthy response, try out the suggestions for what to do if you’re feeling that sign more intensely.

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See the dates for the Moon Sign Changes.


Joy Vernon has been studying and teaching energetic and esoteric modalities for more than twenty years. She added astrology to her practice in 2006 and has spoken on that subject at Kepler College, the Denver Astrology Meetup, the Denver/Rocky Mountain NCGR, and the Athena Festival, among others. She is a tarot reader, astrologer, and teacher at Isis Books in Denver, Colorado. Joy also teaches Traditional Japanese Reiki. For information on upcoming classes or to schedule an appointment, please visit

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Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is widely recognized as an expert tarot teacher and respected community leader. With over twenty-five years’ experience teaching energetic and esoteric modalities, Joy brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional tarot structure. Under her leadership, the Denver Tarot Meetup grew into one of the largest and most active tarot-specific meetups in the world. Now Joy runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. Joy works as a tarot reader, astrologer, and teacher in Burien, Washington. To learn more, please visit

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