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Chris recently read my article Reading and Ceremony for Charging a Tarot Deck in the Llewellyn Journal and sent me the following question:
Tonight I charged my first ever deck of tarot cards like you instructed on Llewellyn.com. EVERY card I laid in the star spread was reversed. How should I interpret this?
Thank you,
Here’s my answer:

"Ok, class, today we will learn to read reversed cards."
“Ok, class, today we will learn to read reversed cards.”

Hi Chris! Thanks for writing to me.
First, this one might sound a little too simple, but you never know…Are you sure the deck was shuffled so that cards were both upright and reversed? Once I was working with someone and she got all reversed cards and it turned out that’s what had happened—all the cards were facing the same direction and she simply had the deck upside down.
Second, I frequently get all reversed cards in my spreads for myself (but not ever that I can remember for my clients). There’s just something about me/my energy that causes this to happen when I read for myself. Since I’m used to it by now, I never worry about it—what it means to me is that stuff is happening “under the surface”—in my subconscious, or even on a soul level. I’ll go through periods of years where I seem to be processing a lot of stuff internally on an unconscious level. Then the cards straighten out again and I’ll go back to getting a normal distribution of upright and reversed cards.
Third, the thing that pops into my mind for you is that perhaps the cards are “pointing” toward you—they are saying: thanks for clearing us, now it’s your turn—This might suggest that you need to do a clearing and charging for yourself. A lot of the suggestions I give in the article for clearing a deck can be adapted or modified for personal use. You can use sage or incense to purify yourself or your living quarters; you can soak in a tub of salt water (I like to use a couple big double handfuls of sea salt); you can take a shower and use sea salt to scrub yourself down; you can spend some alone time out in nature—woods, mountains, ocean, rivers, anyplace that feels vast and sacred; or you can spend some time in prayer or meditation visualizing light flowing through you or feeling yourself breath in warm, glowing light. Then after you are feeling like your energy is clear, perhaps you can try another spread asking it what intention you need to set for yourself, or perhaps what your soul reveals to you, as you did in the reading and ceremony.
If you want to ask a question about any tarot or Reiki technique or metaphysical philosophy, please feel free to ask it in the comments! You just might see an answer from me in the very near future!
Joy Vernon has been studying and teaching energetic and esoteric modalities for more than twenty years. She is the organizer of the Denver Tarot Geeks, Denver Tarot Meetup, and Fort Collins Tarot Meetup and served on the faculty of Avalon Center for Druidic Studies. She is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader and a member of the American Tarot Association. She is one of the Psychics of Isis and has been featured at SpiritWays, the Mercury Café and psychic fairs throughout the Denver Metro and Northern Colorado. For information on upcoming classes or to schedule an appointment, please visit JoyVernon.com.
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Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is widely recognized as an expert tarot teacher and respected community leader. With over twenty-five years’ experience teaching energetic and esoteric modalities, Joy brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional tarot structure. Under her leadership, the Denver Tarot Meetup grew into one of the largest and most active tarot-specific meetups in the world. Now Joy runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. Joy works as a tarot reader, astrologer, and teacher in Burien, Washington. To learn more, please visit JoyVernon.com.

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