Mars In Pisces 2020

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Mars is moving quickly, passing through the sign of the Fishes in just over six weeks and advancing into Aries by the end of June. Mars gains a mystical mindset in Pisces normally. But his current high energy applies the usual Mars ambition to a Piscean desire for enlightenment. Today’s astro-limerick explores the spiritual essence of Mars in Pisces 2020.

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Mars gains a mystical mindset in Pisces, a desire for enlightenment. Today's #lunchtimeastrolimerick explores the spiritual essence of Mars in Pisces 2020.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 Lunchtime Astro-Limerick

Mystical Mars is the spiritual mind
Sinking in stillness of the no-thought kind
He examines the now
Then probes to find wow
The deepest perception sees the highest divine.

Mars In Pisces 2020

The Spheres and the Paths, labeled with the essential qabalistic meaning.

I’m currently teaching a class on numbers and tarot from a qabalistic point of view. So when I contemplated this year’s transit of Mars in Pisces 2020, this is the direction my mind turned.

Although Mars fits on the Tree of Life at Geburah (5), Mars also has the connotation of the masculine principle, and those attributes, in their most abstract form, lie with Chokmah (2).

The word “Chokmah” means Wisdom and is associated with the father. The seas, home of The Fishes, correlate to Binah (3). The title “Binah” means Understanding and one of her attributes is the mother. Mars in Pisces always strikes me as the fecundating principle inseminating whatever metaphor you want to assign to the receptive waters. Some examples I’ve written about in the past can be found in my tarot and astrology essays on Ten of Cups: Mars in Pisces and my Meditations on the Ten of Cups.

Mystical Mars

In his commentary on the Sepher Yetzirah, Aryeh Kaplan describes Binah as verbal thought, thinking things through to understand them. Chokmah is the pure, undifferentiated mind, nonverbal thought. Wisdom is clothed in understanding. We can’t reach wisdom until we understand.

Kaplan explains that we use the ten sephiroth to examine and probe things in the world around us. We examine something to understand it as it is now. We probe to seek out the ultimate knowledge of something, to gain the deepest insight, the “wow.” This deep insight into the essence of things elevates them to their spiritual level. 

Mars is action. Chokmah is the root of action. They aren’t the same. But Mars can probe. And in Pisces, the sign of spirituality and meditation, he finds his highest spiritual expression. Pisces brings out the spiritual essence of Mars. And Mars in Pisces reminds us how to find the divine in everything.

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Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

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