Learn Astrology with Only 17 Symbols

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The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology!

Astrology is a symbolic language that reveals who we are, where we’re going, and what we’ll meet along the way. Its permutations are infinite. But it all starts with the most basic of building blocks. You can learn astrology with only 17 symbols. It’s the easiest way to learn astrology! The symbols of a single unity, two polarities, three modes, four elements, and seven classical planets combine in kaleidoscopic patterns to unlock the secrets of the stars. These 17 symbols tell you everything you need to know:

  1. Unity
  2. Polarity – Yang
  3. Polarity – Yin
  4. Mode – Cardinal
  5. Mode – Fixed
  6. Mode – Mutable
  7. Element – Fire
  8. Element – Air
  9. Element – Water
  10. Element – Earth
  11. Planet – Moon
  12. Planet – Mercury
  13. Planet – Venus
  14. Planet – Sun
  15. Planet – Mars
  16. Planet – Jupiter
  17. Planet – Saturn
Card images that illustrate the 17 symbols. You can learn astrology with only 17 symbols.
You can learn astrology with only 17 symbols. These seventeen symbols are the easiest way to learn astrology! This image shows cards selected from the Minchiate Etruria, Minchiate Francesi/Poilly, and Mantegna Tarocchi to represent the basic 17 symbols of astrology.

How to Learn Astrology with Only 17 Symbols

Download the free 32-page color workbook for an explanation of all the symbols, plus practical exercises to get started right away with your chart.

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Click the image to open a pdf that you can download and print.

The workbook guides you through how to read your chart using the 17 symbols. The steps covered in the workbook are summarized and outlined below. But check the workbook for more info. And watch the video workshop below for examples.

Quick Start to the Chart

  1. Polarity– Up and Down, or Day and Night. What’s above? What’s below? How much of you is external versus how much is inward-focused?Note if the Sun is above the horizon (day chart) or below (night chart). Note if any planet or point is near the MC or IC.
  2. Polarity– Left and Right, or Rising and Setting. What’s coming into being? What’s heading out? Note if anything is on the AC or DC.
  3. 3 Modes– C– F– M. Next, use the “CFM” table to take a look at how many planets you have in each of the modes, cardinal, fixed, and mutable. What’s in abundance? What’s lacking?
  4. 4 Elements– F– A– E– W. While you’re there, you can also check out your elemental balance. What’s the balance for your energy, adaptability, fluidity, and stability?

Highly Recommended Next Steps

  1. Planets– Part 1. Next we look at the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. These are the primary markers of the polarities in the chart. We can also look at what mode and element they’re in. Are they near any other planets? The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are the most important features of the chart. They express the basis of your personality, your Self, Soul, and Mask.
  2. Planets– Part 2. The Ruler of the Ascendant. Note what sign the Ascendant is in. Referring to the Signs table, note which planet rules that sign. That planet is the chart ruler—it’s the conductor of the group. Its qualities influence how the rest of the planets perform.
  3. Polarity– MC. The Ascendant, Ruler of the Ascendant, and Midheaven. The Ascendant is the ship, it’s ruler is the rudder, and the Midheaven is the destination. In other words, the Ascendant is the type of vehicle you’re in, the Ruler of the Ascendant is how you drive it, and the Midheaven is where you’re going.

My Tricks for Getting the Most Out of the Chart

  1. Planets– Aspects. Note any standout aspects or aspect patterns. What planets are involved? Are the planets linked via polarity, mode, or element? What is the personality of the aspect based on the planet that governs it (see Aspects table). Planets that are linked via aspect work together, for better or worse.
  2. Unity– Repetitions. Note the themes and repetitions you see. These are important! When information is reiterated from several different viewpoints, it’s like all the witnesses at the scene of the crime saying the same thing. Chances are it’s extra important.
  3. Unity– Contradictions. Note the biggest contradictions you see. Here’s your chance to find the deepest truth in the chart! Both sides of the contradiction are true, and they make up you. Work to understand each side of the equation separately, and then discover how they work together. Integrate contradictions rather than trying to give preferential treatment to one or the other. Contradictions are fuzzy focus. Resolving contradictions brings the whole of you into focus.

Learn Astrology with Only 17 Symbols (Easiest Way to Learn Astrology) Video Workshop

This 90-minute video workshop steps you through the seventeen symbols, guides you through the exercises, and gives examples to help you understand how to use the seventeen symbols to learn astrology!

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