Full Moon in Libra, Sun at Exaltation Degree

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Today’s Lunchtime Astro-Limerick addresses the Full Moon in Libra with the Sun at the exaltation degree. I use the metaphor of an ingenue actress coached by a prominent director. See select Lunchtime Astro-Limericks here or all of them on my Instagram.

April 7, 2020, Full Moon in Libra Astrolimerick

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Lunchtime Astro-Limerick

Aries Sun at the Full Moon achieves exaltation

But the Moon’s in her spotlight, a standing ovation

A once faithful retinue

Now love the ingenue

The backstabbing lackeys expect abdication.

The Full Moon in Libra

Astrologers associate the full moon in Libra with achieving culmination in relationships or partnerships, either romantic or business oriented. The Full Moon is the time when the Moon is at her peak. So the partner in the relationship reaches a high point of achievement.

But in this particular full moon, the Sun is in its degree of exaltation (19th degree of Aries, 18’00” to 18’59”). So rather than sitting back and watching the supported partner shine, the supporting partner shines also, in the degree of highest recognition and magnanimity.

This lunation is like an ingenue actress (the Moon) winning an award that, although earned and deserved, most people acknowledge would not have been possible without her director (the Sun). So while usually a Full Moon is about the Moon, this one is equally about the Sun.

On the West coast the Moon is on the ascendant, rising into prominence. The Sun is on the descendant, setting for the night. In other parts of the country the Sun will have already set. So the ingenue starts her career, while this show is the swan song of the director. He achieves his highest recognition and he fades now into obscurity.

Mars Affects the Full Moon in Libra

Meanwhile, keep in mind the Mars-Taurus square discussed yesterday. Mars, the planet that rules the Sun in Aries, is currently square to Uranus in Taurus. The Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus, who is applying to a trine with Mars for this whole month (we looked at that one on Sunday). Mars takes on a more dominant role in this exchange. Today he triggers Uranus out of his dulled laziness in Taurus and into his natural rebellious nature. Mars and Uranus want to overthrow. So back to our metaphor, the partnership has an undercurrent of secret rebellion.

Looking Ahead to the New Moon

Furthermore, the New Moon in Taurus in a couple of weeks conjoins Uranus. A cardinal Full Moon resolving into a fixed New Moon, with all the symbolism we’ve discussed, seems like a series of tremors that resolve over the next couple of weeks into a new firm footing.

What partnerships in your life might play out in this manner? Let me know in the comments.

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