Astrology for March: Start Your Engines!

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March Astrology

March astrology brings us a Venus retrograde for a relationship do-over and, towards the end of the month, four planets in Aries to energize you.

Sun in Pisces

Tarot card "IV Emperor" by Jesse Peper includes the Aries ram for this month's astrology.
“IV Emperor” from Tarot 2016, by Jesse Peper. © 2016 by Jesse Peper. Self-published. Used by permission.

March opens with the Sun and Neptune sleepily spooning in the dreamy, drifting meditation of Pisces. Meanwhile, the Moon huddles with Uranus and Mars in independent Aries, plotting against Jupiter in partner-oriented Libra. Consider a resolution of mutual support to act on those nebulous–for now–goals. The Sun burns away the Piscean fog and Aries sprouts earth-shattering seeds.

Jupiter in the third part of Libra is represented by the tarot’s Four of Swords. The popular image shows a figure in repose on the stone coffin lid, as a knight in effigy. A stained glass window is above on the left, while on the right hang three swords point down. A fourth sword, horizontal, is on the side of the coffin. The title is Rest from Strife, the equilibrium that provides space and time for transformation. Although today Mars is screaming “Let’s go!” the tarot card astrology reminds us to come to a careful full stop before changing directions.

Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde approximately once every year and a half, starting her six-week reverse journey on March 4. Although detrimental to beginning new romances or friendships, the time is right to close lurking ones. Often old flames return, so write “Fini” after any epilogue that unfolds. Venus follows an elegant eight-year cycle, so looking back in that increment can reveal your typical patterns for Venus retrograde in Aries.

On March 5, Mars in Aries becomes the arrow in the Sagittarian bow pulled by slow, careful Saturn. This sniper has double checked every measurement because he knows he only gets one shot. If you brainstorm goals while the excitement is high, then you can compile a task list to appease Saturn’s need for structure.

Virgo Full Moon And St. Patrick’s Day

The Virgo Full Moon on March 12 sheds light on details and facts, perhaps some that the Sun and Mercury may have been trying to obscure. Saturn in Sagittarius joins forces with the Moon to call for an audit of Mercury’s poetic accounting.

After his long, quiet meditation in Pisces, Mercury enters Aries on March 13, turning up the volume and excitement in communications. The planet of commerce in the sign of new endeavors promotes enterprise, such as a business launch, particularly on March 18 when smart Mercury pairs up with friendly Venus supported by an optimistic Moon in Sagittarius.

St. Patrick’s Day brings a green beer swilling Sun in escapist Pisces up against the hard limits of the authority of Saturn in Sagittarius. The St. Paddy’s Day astrology recommends that you play by the rules or the party could end early.

Sun in Aries

Happy birthday, Aries! The planetary positions on the vernal equinox are considered emblematic of the whole year. Four planets in Aries rev up their engines, and anticipation gets the blood pumping. The Aries tarot card is the Emperor, representative of temporal authority. He is a symbol of alchemical sulfur, individuality yearning to grow and achieve.

The emotional Moon tightly conjoins stoic Saturn at this time. Grouchy Mars in stubborn Taurus moves towards a friendly aspect to rising Neptune in Pisces, and as a result we could see the houses built on sand washing away, revealing the truthful solidity of bedrock.

Zippy Mercury bops into slow and steady Taurus to end the month, a sudden letdown of energy. Mercury in the first third of Taurus is associated with the tarot’s Five of Pentacles, two beggars poorly protected from the falling snow, hobbling barefoot in the drifts outside a warmly lit church. The card is titled Material Trouble and represents lack of resources. Mercury is fleet of foot; Taurus solid and secure. The sign of the Bull constrains Mercury, who, rather than flying free struggles against his bonds, striving in vain to change his circumstances. Consequently, the tarot card astrology recommends that when they drop the checkered flag, plan for a marathon, not a sprint, because sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

Joy Vernon
Joy Vernon

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