Mystery and Mastery

At this time last year, I decided to join an organization called Shibumi International Reiki Association. This group was developed by Frans and Bronwen Stiene, who run the International House of Reiki and teach Usui Reiki Ryôhô, which is one…

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Armature and Art: The Interplay of Intuitive and Knowledge-Based Tarot Reading

Intuitive versus knowledge-based tarot reading seems to be a popular topic for discussion lately. Whenever it comes up, people are quick to jump into a camp and defend their position. Last night, because it is a potential Denver Tarot Meetup…

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The Reiki Prism

a rainbow in clouds

I am extremely lucky to always have brilliant students in my classes. My current Shinpiden (Reiki Level 3) class is no exception and we had a very interesting discussion of the difference between reiju and attunements last night.Reiju means spiritual…

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My Reiki Path

In this post I share the story of my first experience with Reiki, and I tell how Reiki complemented my spiritual path, eventually leading me to discover a lineage of Reiki that emphasized Reiki as a spiritual practice.
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Just for Today

a plant sprouting in soil

I just understood the precepts! I mean, I know I will never understand them and I know that anything I understand is for me only and that you will know them differently, but all that aside, I understand the precepts!…

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Symbols and Systems of Collapse

Last night at the Colorado Traditional Reiki Meetup in Northglenn, we were discussing Frans Stiene’s (The Reiki Sourcebook) viewpoint that the symbols in Reiki are “training wheels” to be discarded after one thoroughly understands each symbol’s unique energy. I can agree with that statement, only if one continues on to say that the entire system of Reiki can be discarded...
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