I feel like I’ve turned a corner and things are no longer dark or confusing

My reading with Joy was exactly what I needed during a really painful & confusing period of my life. I was experiencing major shifts in my professional & personal lives and felt like I was in an unfamiliar mental fog of not knowing what to do. I really struggled to figure out what I wanted and what was best for me moving forward. I knew there were some significant transits happening for me (Uranus opposition & an eclipse on my MC) so I booked a reading with Joy because I knew I needed an experienced astrologer to help me understand what this meant in my life.
Over the course of our reading, Joy read a number of charts explaining the transits I was currently experiencing as well as what was coming in the next year or two. She gave me an understanding of why I had made some recent personal decisions that felt rash (compared to my “old way” of doing things), but that also felt very necessary and right for me. She also showed me that some of the long-term plans I was making for myself were in alignment even though I was still feeling unsure about what my future would look like.
And as the reading went on, I felt more and more relieved. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my mind and body. My heart felt lighter and I knew everything was going to be ok. I understood why I was feeling confused, I could clearly see the ways that my life was shifting into a new direction and I was reminded that I really can trust myself to care for me, even when life feels like chaos.
Again, thank you so much for yesterday’s reading. Energetically, I feel like I’ve turned a corner and things are no longer dark or confusing, but instead very light & open!

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