Welcome to the Empyrean Way

Here are the resources you need to get started!

Welcome Video

Here’s a short welcome video with a story about making candles and an invitation for a fun start to the program.

Three Questions to Launch Your Way

As we start this one-year program, let’s take some time to consider what you want out of it. When you have a goal, you are better able to choose the tasks that will help you reach it. Here is a fun game featuring three questions, with visual answers, to uncork your dreams and inspire your goals. 

You’ll need enough time for thoughtful contemplation of the questions. A journal or notebook might come in handy as well.

Let's Play a Game

As we start this one-year program, let’s take some time to consider what you want out of it. When you have a goal, you are better able to choose the tasks that will help you reach it. Here are three questions, with visual answers, to uncork your ideas and inspire your goals. 

You might find it useful to journal about your expectations for the program. If you already have a lot of ideas regarding what you want, get them out of your head and on paper before you play the game.

But if you are feeling vague about how the program will fit into your life, play this game first and use it to start the flow of thoughts so you can better understand your goals and where you are now in relationship to them.

How to Play the Game


Please don't hover your cursor over the images until you have made your final choice!

To play the game, I’ll pose a question and you’ll answer by choosing one image from a selection of six. Please don’t hover your mouse over the images until you have chosen your answer. Each question asks how you feel about something. Then there are six images — all taken from the Empyrean Way landing page — each embodying a different feeling. Choose the image that best expresses how you feel. 

Then, hover over the image. It will flip over and show a tarot card and some of my thoughts on how it might relate to the question. This is my best choice for a card that matches the feeling I get from the image. If you know your cards well, feel free to substitute a card that better matches your feeling!

If you feel the same way about more than one question, it’s ok to choose the same image more than once.

Email me with your choices. I’ll send you a pdf of the images and tarot cards you chose so you can meditate on and contemplate the images to keep in mind your feelings about the program. 

Find Your Theme

Think about the reason why you signed up for this program. To increase your creativity? To find your path? To get in touch with Spirit? It’s probably a blend of several reasons. Let your mind hold these reasons lightly, and feel what intention connects them. We’ll call this intention your theme or goal. What is your theme for this program?

Question 1: How Do I Feel Now?

Keeping your theme in mind, ask yourself, “How do I feel about this theme in my life right now?” Choose one of the following six images to answer that question. 

Ace of Cups

The girl in the boat reaches up for a dove flying into a window. She intuitively recognizes that when you reach up to Spirit, Spirit descends to meet you. She follows her bliss to begin her dreams.
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Two of Swords

Sitting at the start of a long quai, facing away from the viewer, the child looks up to the moon. A quietness pervades the scene. Rest to find inner stillness. When found, it will point the way forward like the scent of fresh air.
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Eight of Wands

The girl seems tossed by the wind, but her feet point to the weathervane -- she knows where she's going. Whether blasting off to adventure or gliding in for a smooth landing, this is a magic carpet ride.
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The Ten of Cups

Leaning in, the girl becomes the figurehead, cutting through the sea. The tossing waves bring excitement while the rainbow promises success. Fearless, fast, and free, she forges ahead to uncompromising fulfillment.
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Two of Wands

Safe and warm in bed, the child looks out into the promise of a shooting star. The Two of Wands asks, Where do you want to be? When you have mastered your little corner of the world it's time to step into your next adventure.
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Nine of Pentacles

Twirling in her beautiful dress, this young woman adores her place in the world. Her garden thrives thanks to her tender care. Lush, beautiful, and protected, this bower offers creative sanctuary.
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Question 2: How Do I Want to Feel?

Carefully consider your goal. Where do you want to be at the end of this one-year program? When you reach that goal, how will you feel? Choose from the images to answer that question.

The Fool

The child in the boat follows the dove through the window, despite all the impossibilities presented. Her light heart lifts her over the obstacles scattered in her path. She has complete trust in her process.
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The Moon

The path is clear. Doesn't mean the child is going to follow it. You can walk the path, or swim the path, or sail the path. But maybe this child knows you can also *be* the path. Walk upon yourself as you would walk upon the path. When you reflect upon the goal, when you reflect the goal, you realize the goal.
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The Wheel of Fortune

Blown in spirals, hovering outside the compass point box, the child revels in the immersive experience of unformed potential. At this spiritual height, she lives in the raw material of the universe. From this most basic stuff she forms anything and everything she desires.
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The golden girl in the golden ship heeds the call with abandon. She releases her mortal limitations and recognizes herself as eternal. From her unique vantage point, she sees the entirety of the path before her and claims it with glee.
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The Hermit

The feeble flame of her taper may not compare to the flare of a falling star. But this child knows that she only needs to see far enough ahead to take the next step. One step at a time she attains the height of the clock tower, where she realizes her candle and the star are one.
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The Empress

Swirling around her garden, this young woman governs the forces of birth, growth, and harvest. The sundial not only reminds her of daily timing, but also that of the seasons and ages. Her growth aligns with the Sun, Moon, and Stars but constantly manifests in the now.
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Question 3: What would help me reach my goal?

As you consider where you are now and where you want to be, ask yourself what you need to get there. If you could feel like this every day when you work on your goal, or if you had more of this feeling in your life in general, it would be easier to reach the objective expressed by your theme and symbolized by your answer to Question 2. What feeling would help you reach your goal? Choose the best answer from the six images below.

Knight of Cups

You don't need a plan to start your day. The ins and outs of mundane life don't distract you because your focus is entirely on following where Spirit leads you. You reach your goal when you follow your heart.
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Page of Cups

The moon speaks to you. The lapping water speaks to you. Empty boats, lit windows, the stones beneath you speak to you. You listen. Silent. And.... well, you know.
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Knight of Swords

Creative chaos enlivens your daily work. You get a charge from walking the narrow line between sky high productivity and overwhelm. The unexpected blows you onto the right track with a gust of inspiration.
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Queen of Wands

Full tilt ahead, you speed towards your goals. There's no time for anything but getting there. You rise above the piddly puddly details and take only actions that create immediate results, sailing smoothly toward your destination.
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Page of Wands

Your love of adventure beckons you out of the coziest of cocoons. You're always wandering off barefoot and in your nightgown. Cosmic aspirations seem totally reachable to you. And why not shoot for the stars? You'll get further than if you stay in bed!
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Queen of Pentacles

Everything you create is beautiful. You adore fussing over the little things that will make it perfect. Perennials are your favorite. You love to see them develop over time. And its comforting to see old friends year after year.
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Send Me Your Answers

Please email me or use this form to let me know your visual answers to the three questions. I will email you a pdf of the three images and matching tarot cards you chose! If you’d like to share with me any of the insights you received from playing this game, there’s space to add them. I’ll send you a copy of this form, so you can also use this as your journal if you like (and if you don’t mind me reading it 🙂 ).

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your answers. I’ll send you a pdf of the images and the cards you chose within twenty-four hours. I’ll also contact you with next steps and an invitation for the group Meet and Greet!