The Empyrean Way

A Year-Long Program for Artists and Creators. Discover Your Unique Creative Process, Connect with the Eternal Spring of Sacred Source, and Get it Done Your Way.

$240/month for 12 months. Fall 2022 group forming now. Join me for two live group online meetings per month; lessons that introduce and explore astrology, tarot, qabalah, and mythology; DIY astrology and tarot worksheets, plus tarot spreads, meditations, rituals, and more.

If You Create...

If You Start with Nothing and End with Something...

If you are a creative type — an artist, writer, performer, designer, composer, maker, entrepreneur, builder, producer, business owner, project manager…

If you do, or oversee, work that starts with nothing and ends with something…

If you want to express more of yourself in your work while maintaining a high degree of relatability…

And you want to understand your process better to keep yourself in the zone…

When you know that your best work is informed by Spirit, but you could use some reliable methods for keeping in touch with the infinite flow of Source…

Then discover your unique creative process with the Empyrean Way and take your work from spark to finish.

Create Your Best Work with The Empyrean Way

Spark with inspiration, continually flow with imagination, easily know what to cut and what to keep, and confidently complete every project big or small. $240/month for 12 months.

Forget The One Way that is "No way!"

Doing your work is imperative for your health and welfare. You know this (and so does everyone around you!). You sit down every day to work. Some days the blank page gleams with inspired light. And some days it clouds over, morose and silent. You’re working. But you’re not seeing results despite your best plans and detailed to-dos.

What if it’s not your fault? You might be stuck in the morass of the typical. Other people’s solutions bog you down. Conventional expectations have spun you around so many times you don’t know which way is up. And if these voices become internalized as your inner critic, it feels like it isn’t worth it anymore. Not to mention that sometimes the ones who claim to support you actually bind and blind you with the strictures of the one way that is “No way!”

Your Unique Creative Process

There is a sequence for creating that is universal to all, but specific to none. This sequence outlines the steps of all creative endeavors. Yet each individual creator naturally modifies that process to make it their own.

You already know your unique creative process. Chances are you’re already doing it. You know it from the inside. But if you could get an outside perspective, you would learn how it can guide you when you’re stuck. The Empyrean Way program teaches this general continuum and then helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in the process so you can always follow your completely personalized path from spark to finish.

By the way, finishing is optional. WHAT??!! One person who worked with me was beleaguered by the fact that “he never got anything done.” His evaluation was based on the norm. But when we looked at his unique, personalized creative path, we discovered that he didn’t need to have a finished product. His process was his product. And you know what? He was already selling it, he just didn’t realize that was where he needed to invest everything, not waste time squishing himself into the one-way mold.

The Empyrean Way is the entrance ramp to YOUR WAY.

Feel Connected to Everything

Who needs the brake-slamming jolts of the road everyone else is on? When you have your own unique path to creativity, you’re cruising through the wide open country of sky high possibility. When you’re free, you feel connected to everything.

And isn’t your work about connection? Finding the things that fit because or despite? Providing others a new way of seeing, being, or doing? Sharing the universal in the personal?

The Empyrean Way Program starts with the mystical story of Divine Creation, and reminds you that when you create, you connect with Source. You reflect and identify with the Creator.

Maybe you don’t need all the rigamarole of fancy spiritual practices (although they can be fun and particularly great for performers). Creativity is your spiritual practice. Your work connects you to Spirit. Spirit guides your work. And through your work, you find Spirit within you.

Create Yourself

Everything that you create, creates you. Every time you rip it out and begin again, you redeem yourself. When you repair the cracks or sweep up the broken pieces, you restore yourself. Every time you burst with ideas, get on a roll, and get it done, you recreate yourself. Each cycle of starting, growing, perfecting, and realizing a project is a cycle of becoming better at being who you are. Walking your path. Living your way. Being completely you.

When you create, you create yourself. When you create, you are the creator. And you become one with the Creator.

The Creator is the Limitless Source of All that Is. Of all you can be. Of all you can create.

By understanding the story of creation — and the unique way, your way, in which you fit into that story — you achieve artistic success, personal fulfillment, and spiritual connection.

Create with The Empyrean Way Program

Your Goals

Discover your unique creative needs based on your birth chart. Build an increasingly complex understanding of self and purpose.

Inspired by Spirit

Trust your intuition. Align with your muse, spiritual helpers, guides, and angels. Allow Divine light to illuminate your way.

Created by You

You do your work. Apply the Empyrean Way techniques. Experience artistic clarity, creative flow, and increased productivity.

Step Into the Story of Divine Creation

Step into the story of Divine Creation and apply it to your own creative process to embody your individual Divine expression. This year-long cycle takes you through the ups and downs of creative realization.

Step Into Your Divine Story

Create in alignment with the Divine Creator to redeem, restore, and recreate yourself for artistic success, personal fulfillment, and deep spiritual connection. $240/month for 12 months.

Big Work or Small Work?

You bring your work to the Empyrean Way program. The techniques taught illuminate the creative process from a mystical point of view while highlighting your unique strengths.

But what work should you do with the program? It’s your choice.

If you use a hobby or a series of smaller projects to familiarize yourself with the program, you can get the kinks out, become adept at the methods, and see faster results.

On the other hand, if you apply these methods to your big work, you’ll move yourself and your project from spark to finish entirely guided by the program.

How much personal and professional transformation can you realize in one year?

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Take up Your Instruments of Creation


Your birth chart is a blueprint to your best self. The Empyrean Way program finds your unique creative process in your chart for a completely personalized experience.


The inspiring and intuitive images of the tarot let Spirit guide you. Specialized Empyrean Key tarot spreads help you develop personal symbolism to use in meditations and rituals.

Energy Work

Meditations, rituals, and healing exercises clear and increase your personal energy, while clarifying your sense of self and purpose. And connect you with Divine creative energy.

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Joy Vernon, Instructor

Joy Vernon is an astrologer, tarot reader, and Reiki teacher in Burien, Washington. With over thirty years’ experience, she brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional tarot structure. Under her leadership from 2011-2019, the Denver Tarot Meetup grew into one of the largest and most active tarot-specific meetups in the world. She now leads the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. Joy has published more than 300 articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her blog Completely Joyous. Her creative endeavors include sewing, jewelry making, and knitting. Find her tarot bag knitting patterns on Ravelry.

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This one-year program provides suggested spiritual practices, lessons on metaphysical topics, twice-a-month group check-ins, and tons of bonuses to keep you motivated, guide you through your downs, celebrate your ups, and create a year of unprecedented productivity.

Discover your unique creative process with the Empyrean Way. $240/month for 12 months.