This 12-month program provides a step-by-step system of tarot-based study, meditation, and spiritual practices to connect with your Higher Self and climb toward the Limitless Light.

Open the Door to the Divine

Step through into the brilliant light of your higher self

Tarot Pathworking is a year-long program for tarot readers and spiritual seekers who want to embrace the initiatory power of the Major Arcana to explore soul purpose, awaken spiritual energy, connect with inner wisdom, and call down inspiration.

If you’re ready to start a regular spiritual practice, or would like to take your existing practice to the next level, and would like a tarot-based solution grounded in a step-by-step system, this is your class!

And you’ll overflow with insights into the tarot’s Major Arcana. Just a bonus.

Open The Door

Get started with a step-by-step system of tarot-based study, meditation, and spiritual practices to connect with your higher self.

When Doors Close

Imagine waking up in the dark every day, the shades pulled down, the door locked tight. 

It’s comforting to sink into spiritual routines. A daily sigh of relief. But a lurking suspicion asks: Is this is all there is?

It feels like the deepest connections are eluding you. You know your most profound guidance is there, but it waits, arms crossed, silent. 

And when life is busy, there are days that you don’t even connect at all.

Blaze Your Trail

When you’re missing that connection, life falls flat. Inspiration wanes. Motivation is meh. Your spark sputters. 

It’s like trying to steer by the stars when it’s cloudy night after night. You can’t see where you’re going.

You know that spiritual development is a process. You’re willing to put in the work. But a little help would be nice. 

In fact, you’d love an organized system that takes you step by step through an evolving spiritual journey. A practice with a clear starting place and an end in sight. But that can adapt and grow with you. 

It’s simply easier to plan your trip with a destination in mind. And you want to go the distance. 

On the other hand, you don’t believe in burning bridges. You’re not interested in getting your angel wings so you can hover above everyone else. You want to put your spiritual practice to work in the real world. 

More than blazing your own trail, you want to light the way for others.

Light the Way

When you wake up to the light, you are energized, motivated, and excited to start your day. You have more time for the important things. Priorities naturally shift and your personal goals, yes, even the big ones, get crossed off your list.

In qabalistic mysticism, Divine Source is called the Limitless Light. Pathworking is a meditative technique to connect to the Limitless Light. This connection provides guidance, inspiration, and recognition of your soul purpose.  

The primary metaphor used for this process is climbing a ladder, or a tree, up and down, traveling back and forth between Perfect Unity and Infinite Diversity. 

It’s not a one-way street. Rather, we learn to expand into Source and descend into the world. When we come back down, we bring our dreams and goals into reality. 

Walk Your Path

Any daily practice will help you feel connected. 

But most daily practices are not designed to help you evolve. 

Pathworking on the Tree of Life is a time-tested practice in the Hermetic tradition designed to help you grow spiritually. 

And the tarot’s Major Arcana sequence outlines the journey we take. 

There is a starting point. And a destination. And multiple routes so you can find the best one for you. 

Like any trip, there are stops along the way. We gather necessary resources at these stations. Resources such as mercy, strength, harmony, acceptance, perseverance, and more. 

In Tarot Pathworking, the imagery and symbolism of the Major Arcana cards are used as doorways into the higher realms. A twenty-two step process from here to the Limitless Light. And back again. 

A journey to discover your soul purpose and bring it into the world.

This one-year Program Includes:

Self-directed practices and assignments combined with group online meetings let you explore in your own way while enjoying the support and community you need. 

Light The Way

Tarot Pathworking provides the structured system that pulls up the blinds and opens the door to your spiritual and practical goals!

Course Texts

Our primary text will be Paths of Wisdom by John Michael Greer. Supplemental texts may include titles by Gareth Knight, Israel Regardie, Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Robert Wang, Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki, Paul Foster Case, and others.


Empyrean Key Tarot Spreads

Specialized Empyrean Key tarot spreads for each path help you develop personal symbolism to use in meditations and rituals.

Ritual and Creative Work

Integrate pathworking into your existing practice or learn new ways to energize your work with rituals, mantras, invocations, and more.

Private Discussion Forum

Connect with others in the course, share your progress, give and get input, and fuel your motivation with the discussion forum.

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Joy Vernon, Instructor

Joy Vernon is an astrologer and tarot reader in Burien, Washington. With over twenty-five years’ experience, she brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional tarot structure. Under her leadership from 2011-2019, the Denver Tarot Meetup grew into one of the largest and most active tarot-specific meetups in the world. She now leads the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. Joy has published more than 300 articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her blog Completely Joyous.

Walk Your Path

Embrace the initiatory power of the Major Arcana to explore soul purpose, awaken spiritual energy, connect with inner wisdom, and call down inspiration.