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“Back where I come from, there are men who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called phila-, er, er, philanth-er, yes, er, good-deed doers, and their hearts are no bigger than yours. But they have one thing you haven't got - a testimonial.”

—The Wizard to the Tin Man

Praise from my Students and Clients

My deep gratitude goes out to all the students, clients, and group participants who have been so wonderfully generous with their praise over the past twenty-plus years. I sincerely thank you.

Re: Empyrean Key Sessions and Classes

Re: Reiki Sessions and Classes

Re: Tarot Classes

Re: Group Facilitation

Re: Readings

re: Empyrean Key Sessions and Classes

“Valuable revelations”

“Unique and fascinating”

“Incredible insight”



“Informative and helpful”

A brace of thoroughly tarotfying weekends, courtesy of Joy Vernon and her Empyrean Key method. Many valuable revelations continue to spring up and serpent power has been awakened. John A. 

“I really would like to continue this, it is so helpful. I received much understanding and insight....Thank you so much!

Thank you so much I have really enjoyed this class.

I learned a great deal and enjoyed myself immensely.  Despite my unfamiliarity with tarot and astrology, it was a very good class, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to learn something unique and fascinating.” – April B.

“I gain incredible insight into my chart and my personal path using this method that Joy Vernon has developed. Outstanding! A must for anyone exploring their soul purpose.” Rory J.

“Joy's process is very well detailed and planned out...I felt the exercises called me to deeply introspect into the cards and my inner wisdom, with astrology as a key reference point. The handouts were colorful and well done too! The personal symbol that resulted was inspiring. Looking forward to the continued “climb up the cosmic stairs” as we continue in this series!”
Scott W.

“I have had the great opportunity to take Joy's Empyrean Key classes. During these I have received great personal knowledge and clarity as to my life lessons and purpose. This is a system designed to help individuals understand themselves. The symbols developed give us great tools to break through obstacles and to grow exponentially. It is truly a valuable and enlightening workshop.”
Amy S.

“Joy was a joy to work with! She is highly intuitive and I found her insight very informative and helpful in considering my career path. She individualizes her approach to ensure you get the most out of your reading. I would recommend Joy to anyone – she is a gifted reader and a generous human being! – Juli H.


re: Reiki Sessions and Classes


“Fantastic energy”

“Eased my pain”


“Like a weekend retreat”

“Absolutely exceptional! I highly recommend to everyone interested in learning Reiki. I always knew there was more to Reiki, but Joy is the first one who has been in the space to share the deeper levels of this great wisdom practice with me. Thank you Joy!!” – Annie

“It felt like everything all at once, except the things that hurt you.” – Danica, age 9

My Reiki session with you was transformative. I'll be back for more.” – Dena Z.

“Received fantastic energy transfer and blessing from Joy! .... Great experience, still buzzing!” – Christiana

I have had the pleasure of having several Reiki sessions with Joy. The treatments that she has given me have not only affected me physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. My healing process has been accelerated as I have gone deeper into my being with Joy's assistance. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future! Peter R.

“After an auto accident I had, Joy did an excellent Reiki session for me that greatly eased my pain.” – Brian P.

“Joy is a qualified, thoughtful teacher. I always leave this group having learned something helpful.” – Fredda L.

“It was a great experience -- it felt like a weekend retreat with all the meditation we did.” – Jessica B.

“Just loved it! Joy is an excellent instructor and I really liked the new meditations and energy moving techniques I learned at the session. Thanks so much!” – Becky M.


re: Tarot Classes







“Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was taking the classes with you. I learned a lot.”

“Joy Vernon is a generous, creative, inspiring teacher who genuinely cares about her students. I enjoyed every class and looked forward to the next. I miss them.”

“I feel thankful for this course. I truly got out of it what I had hoped to and now am excited to keep learning and improve my skills by reading for myself in my own spiritual practice as well as others. Joy is a fantastic teacher with amazing, original exercises that are both profound and fun! Her wealth of knowledge is seemingly endless, as she draws on many esoteric traditions, mythologies and spiritual practices. I highly recommend this course!”

“Joy has a gift for awakening the reader in even the most beginning student. She has had to wean me off of the books which, I think, is her biggest challenge and top goal.”

“That was a great part of the course - the interesting lessons. It challenged me and I appreciate that.”

Joy's Art Gallery exercise illuminated new ways to see and read my tarot spreads - my mind just opened up! 

Even having read tarot for pushing 22 years, I find something new in every class that enhances my experience with tarot, and I am very grateful for that and the great energy of the group!

This helped me focus on the images and symbolism—not the book meanings—which is exactly what I wanted!

It made me use both sides of my brain at the same time....am looking forward to the next class.

The exercises were very engaging and helpful!

“I'm getting a lot out of this course so far. Like any good introductory course, it first makes you feel like you know less about the Tarot than you thought, and then proceeds to give you tools to rebuild your knowledge – teaching how to fish instead of simply giving the fish. Sure, there are lots of cookbooks with definitions galore, and they do provide plenty of fortifying information, but here you provide a format in which one can learn to operate with more self-sufficiency. Already I feel much more confident in my readings than before and am very eager to put this approach to practical use.”

“A very excellent lesson that worked in a surprising way. I feel that I am truly learning something valuable that I can use for the rest of my life…”

“The exercises offer great perspective – very much a learn-by-doing experience!”

“The structure of the session this time unfolded some powerful layers I've been experiencing, put a finer grain to them. Great for process and insight.”

“The symbol association exercise was brilliant...a bit like my first real lightsabre training session, where I was surprised I actually could ‘feel the Force.’ Perhaps I will become a Tarot Jedi before the six weeks are out.”

“(Joy has) an artistic flair for teaching tarot the likes of which is rarely seen.”

“…my “spiritual academia” is really thriving, thanks to your truly rigorous class!! I honestly appreciate the hard work and high expectations you hold over our heads. I have never worked so hard re: ‘esoterica’ before, and the pay off so far has been amazing. I can feel my little tarot brain expanding.”

“I have learned tons, and while I'm a long way from ever being a professional reader I've really learned how the symbols and elements in the cards speak for themselves.”

“I've thoroughly enjoyed every bit (of the course) … and have come much, much farther in my own personal understanding of the cards, their symbolism, meanings, different interpretations, and how to really get the most out of a reading.”  

“I would recommend this class to anyone!”

“I feel like I got some really good groundwork to start building from….I like how you (taught us to) come up with our own interpretations and trust our instincts.”

“Interactive aspect was great. The way you showed us how to interpret by what the card holds is very helpful. Thanks Joy!”

“Joy is an excellent instructor. What most impressed me was the creativity of the exercises she used to convey the concepts that we used in class. She incorporated mythology, practical everyday knowledge, and intuition into her teaching methods, and was effective in communicating those insights into her class. Her classes are also energizing and challenging.”

“I’ve read before, and the class continued to provide new insights into the tarot.”

“Instructor had some information not available in books I have read.”    


re: Group Facilitation







Looked at the cards from a perspective I had not considered before. Very insightful! 

“Joy did an amazing job as always of keeping the group focused while still allowing space for everyone to express themselves.”

“Always lots of new information - challenging, intriguing, delicious food for thought.”

“Excellent excellent excellent! Joy put together another original and evocative session! Rocks!”

“Yet another amazing evening which opened up new dimensions on the cards and ourselves, with lots of lively discussion.”

“I got a chance to try the full spread in earnest, and I've finally realized how well-constructed it is. I've struggled with getting some cohesion in my readings in the past, but the logic and grace of this one clicked nearly immediately. It's very easy to see the interrelatedness of all the positions, probably by way of the radial configuration. It was a profound realization for me personally…”

Joy always has something interesting and fun planned”

“I'm learning so much... I think my brain has swollen from the overload!”

“Like the King of Pentacles, Joy's healthy roots and prominent tarot accomplishments make for uncompromising, depthful quality in meetings that are fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Not glorious. . .but grand simplicity with strength and wit and directness! Did I say creative? Love it!”

“Intuitive, insightful, thorough, and well-organized as usual! Joy does a wonderful job, and always has applications and meditations I find very useful and conducive to further exploration.”

“Joy is just an incredible resource on Tarot. She knows it with such depth, and has such a burning passion to teach it!”

“Joy's warmth and richness of learning are delightful. She has given some amazing presentations, and knows how to make the information stick in the memory by experiential methods. She is named appropriately, because she brings joy by just being there.”  


re: Readings






Thank you! I still am amazed at how much it settled some questions in my head. Great stuff.

“Thanks for the superb, helpful transformational reading. I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you for the amazing session.  It was clarifying, shifting and wonderfully appreciated.”

“I had a tarot reading by Joy yesterday and it was fantastic! I would recommend anyone who wants to know what tarot is about to see her.”

“I had heard that Joy was an excellent reader and found this to be very true. Her accuracy was amazing plus her insight and advice were extremely helpful. She is truly a gifted and trusted reader who I will continue to use.”

“Thanks so much for doing our readings the other night! I needed to hear some of those things.”

“Joy has been reading Tarot for me for years. I have always had phone readings because we are 1000 miles apart. Her readings have always been amazingly accurate for me. Whether it is about money, a job, or my love life she always has very astute insight into the inner workings of my life. She also often recommends follow-up action that is very helpful. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants a fresh perspective on their life issues.”

“I have known Joy for over 5 years, and her tarot readings are told with intuitive intelligence. She presents her readings in a story manner, which helps to show a full circle perspective to the concern or question. She also pulls from all doctrines, kabbalah, Druidry, Wicca, Christianity to help you understand the story. Not only do I come away having a better understanding of the question or concern, I also learn about the cards and how universal, no matter what the doctrine, the messages are that they teach.”

“You provided me with some confirmation and insights that were very helpful. A lot of people can read cards. Not nearly as many can read into someone's heart (energy) with the level of sensitivity and compassion you have.”



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