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Aeclectic Tarot
My personal favorite! Aeclectic lists over 1000 (yes, count them) decks, most with sample cards to view, reviews, and links to buy! Message boards, interviews, tarot card meanings, and info on tarot books all add up to make this an indispensable tarot site! Browse decks by almost any conceivable theme, publisher or characteristic.

American Tarot Association
The ATA is a professional networking organization for anyone interested in tarot. They offer classes, free readings and virtual conferences. If you join, you can sign up to give free readings and gain valuable experience! Their Resources tab lists tons of great tarot sites!

Facade allows you to do tarot readings, runes, I Ching and use other interesting divinatory tools--no charges here, everything's free. And, for the People-fans out there, read readings about your favorite celebrities!! For your own reading, you can pick from one of about 20 decks, including the Minchiate deck which is based on a 16th century deck with 97 cards, adding in cards for the Zodiac, Virtues and elements above and beyond the standard Trumps. The readings are computer generated, but I've found them to be just as unique as doing my own readings (such as that mysterious process of getting the same card over and over). It provides a basic interpretation for you, but of course, doing a bit of your own work with the reading will reap great rewards.

Llewellyn Journal
This is Llewellyn's online journal. They feature articles on many Llewellyn subjects, including Tarot.

Renna Shesso

My friend and colleague Renna Shesso's site on Shamanism and Tarot. Don't miss her amazing book, Math for Mystics

Sacred Texts
This site provides the complete e-texts of a number of very important and influential tarot writings from some of the great occult scholars. Read A. E. Waite's The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, S. L. MacGregor Mathers' The Tarot, and many others! A great way to deepen your knowledge.

Tarot Garden
A database of over 1500 decks (who know there were so many decks??); a library full of articles, collector's decks, games and more; and of course a boutique to purchase decks and tarot-related gifts!

Tarot Hermeneutics

This is my friend and colleague Paul Nagy's site. He focuses on a very academic style of Tarot exegesis called Tarot hermeneutics, in which correlations are drawn between two disparate texts, in this case, between the Tarot cards and spiritual or literary texts. I personally have found the hermeneutical style to be highly effective for triggering the receiving of inner knowledge, or gnosis. I can highly recommend this practice for those wishing to expand knowledge well beyond the limits of the norm.

Tarot Today
This is the homesite of Scott Womack's Today's Tarot Podcast!! Definitely check it out and take a listen; you'll learn a lot and the music is really otherworldly.

Tarot Update
Sign up here for Llewellyn's Tarot e-newsletter, Tarot Update. Excerpts from Llewellyn titles, featured decks and sale decks, Tarot author events and links. 

Concentrates on the origin and history of the Tarot.


Colorado Reiki

My friend Candice Gonzales-Cullen's site. 

International Association of Reiki Professionals


International Center for Reiki Training

William Rand's site.


International House of Reiki

Frans and Bronwen Stiene's site.


James Deacon's Reiki Pages

This is an extensive site exploring a variety of Reiki styles both traditional and Western. Written in an approachable, direct, and sometimes humorous style with tons of excellent information.

Komyo Reiki Kai

Hyakuten Inamoto's site.

OM Mountain Yoga

My friend and Reiki teacher's yoga and Reiki site.

Reiki Threshold

Shibumi Reiki


Other Esoteric Arts

Alchemy Web Site, The

This is Adam McLean's awe-inspiring site on alchemy. He shares a huge number of primary source documents that cover all aspects of this chemical and spiritual practice.

Not to be missed is Rafi Metz's fabulous site. You can get lost for hours here exploring and discovering Kabbalah and Tarot, yoga, astrology, etc etc. Overwhelmingly full of incredible information!


This is Rabbi Ginsburgh's comprehensive site on kabbalah in the Hebraic tradition. I find his explications of the Hebrew letters to be powerfully revealing.

Theoi Greek Mythology

This is an indispensable source on the Greek myths, providing for every entry concise overviews supported by excerpts from primary texts. It's brilliantly easy to navigate, wonderfully illustrated, and deliciously comprehensive.


Denver Traditional Reiki Meetup

The Denver Traditional Reiki Meetup is an opportunity for you to experience the beauty that is Reiki, in a hands-on fashion. We host two monthly events: 1) Reiki Shares -- All are welcome to come to these events to learn more about Reiki and to receive a session. Reiki practitioners are invited to come and share their gift. 2) Hatsurei Ho Reiki Meditation -- Hatsurei Ho means "method for generating spirit." It is a traditional sequence of breathing, contemplative and energetic meditations used to raise energy. Feel the effect of practicing in a group! Prerequisite is required.

Denver Tarot Geeks

This is the Meetup group that I lead. Denver Tarot Geeks is an advanced group of tarot readers dedicated to the study of the esoteric and historical aspects of tarot and the application of this knowledge for personal and spiritual growth. Our meetings consist of sharing knowledge through presentations and discussions; gaining insight through readings, meditation and exercises; and practicing methods for applying what we learn to our lives.

Denver Tarot Meetup

The Denver Tarot Meetup Group is a great community dedicated to the practice of tarot. It is a safe and encouraging place for new and experienced readers to come and read for each other and learn about all things tarot. Throughout its history, Denver Tarot Meetup has hosted the best and brightest tarot readers and experts from the Denver metro area and beyond, and given people curious about tarot or eager to learn the perfect opportunity to mingle, meet new tarot friends, explore and celebrate this special tool in their lives.


Meetup is a networking organization that provides online resources for groups that get together in the real world. Not just a message board or mailing list, meetup provides these offerings and many other ways to make it easy to schedule and communicate meetings, events, classes, etc. Search for "tarot" in your zip code to find other tarot enthusiasts in your area!

Witches' Voice

This is a good community resource listing events and classes geared towards those who practice an earth-centered religion. The site also lists articles, personal profiles, organizations, and merchants.


For Heaven's Sake

4383 Tennyson Street, #1F, Denver, CO  80212.

Herbs & Arts
Great selection of books, lots of herbs and of course, lots of tarot decks. Great and knowledgeable staff. I was told they would open decks for perusal, because, as the owner told me, "it's not like an adept packaged it." Bonus points for funny--and on the mark! 2015 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206.

Isis Books
I had this site listed on my tarot syllabus as fantastic store that sells decks online. Imagine my surprise when the Denver Tarot Meetup's first field trip meeting was there, AND at the time it was only two miles away from my house. You sometimes forget that the virtual world is grounded in the real world, and I had no idea these were one and the same store. The online site shows an uncountable number of decks. You can see 6 sample cards per deck, full size with plenty of details. And if you go there in person, you can choose from a huge selection of decks in stock. 2775 South Broadway, Englewood, CO, 80113.

Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore

They have a great selection of new decks, including some interesting historical ones, but my favorite thing about this store is the wonderful selection of used books and decks in the back. 2178 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80222.

Not a huge selection of decks, but a playful atmosphere, and their open sample (full) decks and comfy chairs to relax in make this a first-choice for deck perusal and purchase. Not to mention the great people! They'll special order anything they don't have in stock. 3301 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206.

Tattered Cover
A very small selection of decks, but the "cool" factor for this independent community bookstore is sky-high. Of course, they can order anything that's not on the shelves. Colfax: 2526 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206; LoDo: 1628 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202; Highlands Ranch: 9315 Dorchester Street, 80129. 


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