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Tarot Classes
Reiki Classes
Metaphysical  Classes


Teaching and Group Facilitation

Tarot classes and instruction in esoteric modalities will be offered periodically throughout the year. Please see below for details. Please contact me or subscribe to my newsletter if you are interested in learning more about upcoming tarot, astrology and other classes.

Current Classes

Tarot Classes Beginning through advanced classes in Tarot

Reiki Classes All levels of classes in Traditional Japanese Reiki

Metaphysical Classes Astrology, Qabalah, Meditation and Other Classes

Meetup Groups

Mentoring Program

As a teacher I offer:

bullet In-person, on-line and teleconference classes
bullet Beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses and workshops
bullet Classes in tarot, astrology, qabalah, meditation, and other esoteric and energetic modalities
bullet Integrative programs exploring tarot and qabalah, tarot and astrology, tarot and magic, tarot and healing, tarot rituals
bullet ½ day, full day, or weekend workshops; 4-week courses; 6-week courses; 8-week courses; certificate programs

Over 15 years' teaching experience  

My tarot classes offer:

bullet Unique tarot exercises that focus on Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, the suits and elements, number, the language of Tarot, court cards, reversals
bullet Classes designed around tarot for personal growth, tarot divination, tarot history
bullet Both traditional and exciting new tarot spreads
bullet Choice of decks: use any illustrated deck

Read testimonials from students, colleagues and clients.

Keep informed about my cancellation and refund policy.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring is for people who want to go deeper into their studies in tarot, esotericism or Reiki, who enjoy independent study, and who would benefit from the direction and insight an experienced practitioner and teacher can provide. Mentoring can provide direction for study and learning as well as for personal or spiritual growth. Together you and I will develop your personalized curriculum or course of guidance. I can meet with you in the role of teacher, spiritual director, academic advisor or personal or business coach.

Reasons people choose mentoring over classes can include going deeper into or doing advanced work in a subject they have already taken with me, getting one-on-one support above and beyond the expectations of a class, classes don't fit their schedule, they are self-motivated and prefer the direction I can provide for self-study over the social aspect of a class, they want to move through the material at their own pace, etc. What are your reasons for wanting to do mentoring?

Topics for mentorship can include any subject that I teach or your own personal or spiritual growth goals. The cost includes:

  • An  hourly rate for a predetermined course of study, or an openended curriculum when appropriate
  • Guided independent study
  • Group study when available
  • Email support 

Mentoring sessions will be scheduled just like readings, during my regular hours, and can be booked through my scheduling software or directly with me. Mentoring is priced at $65/hour. We will start with a specific course of study, such as following an eight-session class. After a student completes an initial course of study, an openended curriculum can be followed. Students who don't wish to commit to a specific program are welcome to schedule by the hour at my usual rate, currently $100/hour.

If you would like to do a mentorship program with a friend, I am happy to let you each sit in on each other's sessions, effectively doubling the in-person time you get with me. Or triple the time with a third person.

A Reiki focus for the mentorship program includes certification too!

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