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Two different questions.  Two different decks. Two single card draws. Six of Cups both times.

My first memory of the Six of Cups is from my Barbara Walker deck–first deck I ever got, back in 1991. That card, Childhood, showed an imposing and ominous nun dominating a group of small children. Powerful card. Not personally how I see it though. But I like the reminiscence of the title Childhood. The traditional composition shows a gentle innocence. The friendship of this card is distinguished from the more romantic Two of Cups, the more lighthearted and playful Three of Cups. There is a deep, memory-full offering of self in the image Pamela Colman Smith drew.

The esoteric title of the card is Pleasure and its astrological attribution is Sun in Scorpio. Odd that earlier today I randomly drew an online card, receiving the Three of Wands–my birthcard, Sun in Aries. A story develops. Two characters. A simple sharing.

I have four friends with Sun in Scorpio.  One of whom I’m quite close to. Two of whom support me passionately and with an embarrassing generosity of praise. Three of whom I feel an electric connection to. All of whom I want to get to know better.

Two children on a balcony. One leans over the edge, peering down to the city street below. One looks up wondrously and tugs the jacket of her friend. Each has a story to share.


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© 2009 by Joy Vernon

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Six of Cups